5 Benefits of WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is one of the best choices for WP sites. It promises good performance since it is

highly compatible with the WP platform. In addition to that, it also has a number of WordPress management features. This type of hosting is also easy to manage for the web owners. They don’t need to maintain and manage the site by allocating additional resources. Here are the benefits of WordPress hosting:

  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Increases WP site performance
  • Pre installed wordpress offering plug and play environment for developers
  • Automatic WP updates to keep the CMS updated
  • Managed services for WordPress maintenance
  • Malware scanning and security with SiteLock.

Let’s discuss all the features in detail:

Just like all software, WordPress also has its system requirements. With the help of WordPress hosting, all the requirements related to hardware, firmware and software configuration are made compatible to ensure its smooth performance. A compatible system ensures smooth running without any performance and system issues such as freezing or slowing down. The site also crashes if the system isn’t working properly.  This has a negative effect on web traffic and its authority in the search engines.

Pre-Installed WordPress in the System:

WordPress developers or designers love this feature about WordPress hosting. When the platform is pre-installed, no time is spent in downloading and installing it from scratch. You only have to purchase a hosting plan and start web development. This saves time and takes the stress of compatibility issues out.

Auto WordPress Updates:

Another great feature of WordPress hosting in Pakistan is that it automatically updates the platform when required. Not updating the platform on time will make your site prone to more security threats and issues. The WP hosting automatic update feature covers it. Some hostings are not also compatible with WordPress newer versions so in those cases, the automatic update feature is turned off. But as said above, this is taken care of with WordPress hosting.

Security and Backup:

WordPress hosting plans include web security and backup tools such as Codeguard to automatically create website backups to offer restore points for the web developers in case of a tragedy. Another tool is SiteLock which regularly monitors the site for malware and security threats. SiteLock helps to encounter security threats and issues.

Pre-installed Jetpack Plugin:

Plugins are an important part of WordPress development environment.  You can integrate any functionality with the help of plugins. There are certain plugins that are automatically installed with WordPress hosting plans. Plugins are mostly used for lazy loading, user tracking and analytics and automated social and seo tools, payment gateways and web security.

Managed Services:

Last but not the least, one of the great advantages of WordPress hosting is that it also offers managed services. This means that the WP hosting team would take care of all the web maintenance tasks, such as security, updates, backups, scalability, and allotting different resources such as RAM, CPU and storage, as the site grows.  The WP database optimization is also done under managed hosting. As the site grows, the database becomes bulky and needs optimization to ensure an overall fast loading website speed. The amanged WP hosting team would take care of it all without you having to worry about it.


WordPress hosting may sound a bit costly but is worth it considering the benefits you get from it. You can always choose to host your WordPress site with a WordPress hosting in Pakistan to avail all the benefits it offers at the most cost effective rates.  Many web hosting in Pakistan companies are offering quality WordPress hosting plans. Do you research and buy the plan that serves your web requirements.

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