5 Courier Mistakes You Must Avoid

Courier service is a critical type of business. It is very important and crucial to satisfy customers in a business like this. Depending on the industry, receiving packages when promised can either make or break your business.

Here we will discuss the five courier mistakes that you must avoid to ensure your efficiency. If you’re working in this industry, you should understand the importance of a professional and timely package delivery service.

You must be equipped to follow multiple types of delivery schedules for businesses like accounting, law, medical, financial institutions, etc. Try offering prompt delivery services for packages, forms, documents, cheques, and other things that require quick delivery to ensure the smooth sailing of your courier business.

Read this blog to understand which courier mistakes you need to avoid to become the best service provider.

  1. Using Wrong Packaging

One of the most common mistakes you can make is to use the wrong packaging for the wrong customer for their delivery items. This matters a lot because the type of packaging affects the cost of shipping.

Therefore, you need to be sure if you want to use a box or envelope that isn’t too big or small for your delivery. It should be taken seriously as it can cost you and the courier company unnecessary money. If you choose a big box for a smaller package, you will have to pay for extra padding and other materials to ensure safety. So, it’s useless paying extra money for empty space. Hence, make sure you use the right packaging for every delivery.

  1. Lacking Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is crucial when mailing packages. Avoid assuming things on your own. Instead, always confirm the size, package type, weight, or cost of the item before shipping the package. If the actual weight of the package is more than what you told the courier, you will be charged for it. You should avoid paying extra charges by preparing the package correctly before getting it dispatched.

Another common mistake is when customers give incorrect receiver’s address. Make sure you double-check your package and check all the details before getting it to the courier, including the zip or postal code.

  1. Overestimating The Delivery Time

If you want your package to be delivered by a specific time e.g. 5.00 pm, you should write the same time rather than scheduling the delivery for 12.00 pm. This will increase your cost by around 40%. So, be very sure about the time you choose for your package as it can directly affect the cost of the delivery.

  1. Unclear Delivery Instructions

If you have any special delivery instructions for the courier service, make sure you inform them beforehand so that your instructions can be followed and taken into consideration. The delivery instructions could include where you want to send your package, whether you need a particular person to sign and receive the package, or if the package is confidential. Always state such instructions clearly to avoid any discrepancy to ensure that your package reaches on time.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Service

There are many companies working in the courier industry today. These companies provide more or less the same services with some added advantages. Therefore, choose the right delivery service to ensure that it fits your requirements like security, schedule, on-time delivery, etc.

Other advantages to look for:

  1. The delivery drivers should be professionally trained and courteous.
  2. They should handle the packages with care.
  3. They should use the latest technology to ensure that all delivery requests are fulfilled.
  4. The service should offer an online invoicing service,
  5. GPS tracking of your package, instant emails for order confirmations, quick signature confirmation, etc.

Hence, these services develop a sense of trust for the service provider and ensure your package’s safety.


To sum it up, you can save money and enjoy a smooth delivery experience if you pay attention to such details. So, make sure you provide all the required information to avoid the hassle of any misplaced and lost items. This will save time and money for you as well as for the courier service.

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