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5 FAQs to ask suboxone doctors near me before taking this prescription medication

Are you curious about taking suboxone? If you have heard of this drug before, but you’re worried about the withdrawal period of this drug, then maybe speaking to a doctor before taking this substance is essential to being able to stay safe, educated, and stay on your path to recovery. Since you are only taking suboxone to help recover from full-on drug addiction, it can sometimes be difficult to continue taking another substance to help you avoid relapsing and overdoing – since it can seem like an oxymoron to take one drug to get off of using another type of drug. 

However, suboxone has been shown to help those who are addicted to drugs – Click here to find out a few questions you should ask suboxone doctors near me so you can know the basics of taking this drug and how to safely wean yourself off of this medication. 

5 questions to ask suboxone doctors near me to stay safe and sober!

What is suboxone?

Arguably the most common question that patients have for suboxone doctors near me is – what is this drug? Why should I use it? If you’re worried about taking suboxone, the basic question to ask is what this drug is and if it is safe. Doctors will use suboxone and prescribe this drug to individuals if they are using the course of medication-assisted treatment – this therapy method helps those who are addicted to drugs take a precision drug to combat the most intense withdrawal symptoms that can occur in a person after being addicted to a substance for so long. By combining two drugs into one prescription – naloxone and buprenorphine – this type of prescription drug reduces the need for a person to make drugs and reduces dependence on the substances. 

What Is the opioid effect?

Taking suboxone can help block the opioid effect that occurs in a person’s brain who is currently addicted to substances. The opioid effect is the effect that the drugs have in a person’s brain – it can release pleasure endorphins and block pain receptors, increasing euphoria and altering a person’s feeling of pain that would otherwise occur. 

Is suboxone better than methadone?

Another question to ask suboxone doctors near me is if this prescription drug is more effective than taking methadone. In short, the answer is yes – suboxone is less sensitive and less reliance-forming than methadone – meaning better for those who have addictive personalities. 

Is suboxone available on a tablet?

The next question to ask suboxone doctors near me is the type of form that the drug will come in – the typical form of suboxone is a tablet or a sublingual type. You can take either one that works for your needs and your adherence level.

Do I need to do anything else along with taking suboxone?

The last question to ask suboxone dogs near me is if you need to do anything else to recover along with taking suboxone. You will find the answer is YES! Taking this drug goes along with going to therapy, counseling sessions, and other help that you will need to get and stay sober.


Asking questions to your suboxone doctors near me is the best way that you can stay educated and learn how this drug works in your body to block the opioid receptors in your brain. By asking a question, you can see if this is the right choice for you and you responsibly use this drug. 

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