5 Handy Tips To Keep Cool This Summer With Split System Air Conditioning

With summer just around the corner, you are probably wondering all about how to deal with all the heat. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sweat trickling down your neck or your hair feeling all icky due to it. Sometimes sipping on all the Pina Coladas in and around you also cannot help when you are dealing with an absolutely brutal and unforgiving summer.

With every passing year, heat levels only seem to be increasing. This is also why so many of us have already resorted to getting split system air conditioning, evaporative coolers, etc. to help cool us down. It is a definite bonus to have a split system around, but in all honesty, how well are you using your split system air conditioning? Of course, most of the split systems work in fantabulous ways and do their job of cooling your place, but did you know that you can increase its efficiency? Probably not.

But do not worry or beat yourself over it. By following some simple yet effective steps, you can enhance the effects of cooling and make full use of having a split system air conditioner. Not just that you will also help increase the overall health of your air conditioner. What are these tips you ask? Well, let us get right to it!

Open Blinds? No Thank You!

It is great to have your blinds open to maybe soak in some heat or enjoy the view outside. However, please do this when you are not that keen on having a cool room. By keeping your blinds open, you are allowing light and heat to enter your home. This in turn is bound to increase the temperature in your room.

It won’t matter how low you set the temperature, your split system or evaporative cooling systems will not be able to perform to their maximum due to light seeping in. Not to mention, if your windows happen to have even a tiny gap, you will be losing out on cool air. Even the slightest gap on or around your window can lead to cool air escaping which will affect the room temperature surely.

If you keep your blinds closed, you are not only protecting your room from unnecessary light but also not allowing your room to lose out on cool air. So, the moment you turn on your split system, be sure to close all the blinds. If you want to enjoy some sunlight and air, you can always step out for a bit and return.

Let Your Fan Help.

You may think why use a fan when you are already using an air conditioner or an evaporative cooler. The answer to this is extra movement. Think of using your fan like a friend you look up to for a tiny little nudge. By turning your fan on the lowest of speeds, you are giving the already cool air in the room some additional movement.

This automatically makes your room feel a lot cooler than before. In fact, by turning on your fan, you can increase your air conditioner’s temperature by up to four degrees extra. Your ceiling fan will deal with ensuring that those four degrees are made up for. By doing this you are getting the best of both worlds and getting two machines to work together thereby bringing great results.

A Clean Vent Is Everything.

When an air conditioner begins to act weird and not give you cool enough air, the first assumption is that something is probably wrong with it. The second assumption is that maybe it needs servicing. But in most cases, you probably just have a really dirty vent. Over time your vents and air filters will collect dust, dirt, pet hair, and other sorts of debris which in turn reduces the efficiency of your split system or evaporative cooling system.

You will find that the air quality and coolness both take a hit due to this. Therefore, ensuring that you have a regular schedule to clear out your vents is very important. Do not wait for things to worsen or for your air conditioner to show signs of it being dirty. If you plan regular clean-ups with not that much of a gap between every cleaning, you will not have to deal with such issues.

Plus, you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning if the cleaning is regular. The more you wait, the more time you will spend cleaning out the vents as there will be a lot of debris to clean out. A clean vent equals great air conditioner health.

Protect Your Outer Unit.

With split ac systems, you deal with two units, unlike the window air conditioners. During summer, your outer unit will surely be exposed to a lot of heat. This is naturally bound to happen and is not something you can help. However, the issue with this is that your system will take additional time to cool your home. This is because when your air conditioner is not in use, your outer unit is exposed to heat and light thereby heating it.

So, when you turn on your air conditioner next time, the outer unit will have to work with cooling itself, and then only will you start getting cool air in your home. This is why you must cover your outer units in such a way that it is protected from heat. Installing a shade around it is the perfect way for you to keep the heat out. By doing so you are automatically increasing your split system’s efficiency.

Regular Maintenance Is A Must.

While you can do your bit of cleaning, you cannot dig deep into your system and conduct its regular maintenance. This can only be done by a set of professionals who are trained. Ensuring that you are registered with regular cleaning plans is very important. Just like how human beings need to get annual check-ups done, so do air conditioners. By doing this you are in sync with your system and if any issues are creeping up the corner, they can be dealt with right away.

If a problem has risen and it does not get attention, it will only increase. This will cause your air conditioner to either give up completely or you may end up paying a lot more to get the issue sorted and fixed once and for all. Your air conditioner’s brand will have great maintenance plans which can be availed. There are also excellent evaporative cooling services and repair plans that can help with annual maintenance.

Getting maintenance done once a year is usually sufficient and cost-effective too. But it is always good to talk to the company’s maintenance staff to find out the ideal plan for your air conditioner.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you will be making maximum use of your split air conditioning system. You will also end up spending less money since you will be taking regular care.

Not just that, you will be helping your air conditioner by not letting it exert too much. Your room will automatically feel a lot cooler when you follow these steps due to which you won’t have to keep reducing the temperature degree by degree. So get ready, it is almost time to have a cool summer!

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