5 Instagram story hacks to give you a creative edge 

5 Instagram story hacks to give you a creative edge 

Want to add a new twist to your Instagram stories? Are you looking for a way to test out any secret features? In this article, you’ll learn how to save your Instagram Stories effects for easy access, and how to add multiple images. 

We will also discuss how to add a custom GIF that will help you gain wider reach on instagram, and enable you to get popular on Instagram. Here are our five most-effective hacks to make your Instagram stories stand out. 

Hacks to make your Instagram stories stand out

Add the Halo effect to an object or an individual 

Drawing a halo around an item or individual in your Instagram store is a fun way to draw attention to something special in your picture. To get this effect, go to the top of the screen and tap the brush tool icon. The neon tool, which is circled below, should then be selected. 

Tap any color at the bottom of the screen to choose it. Be sure to begin drawing from the spot where you’ll be erasing the halo. Select the eraser tool, which is located on the far right of the screen. Drag the slider down on the left side of the screen to make the tool smaller. 

Then, using your finger, remove the region around the target to make it appear as though it is wearing a halo.

Make use of sequenced text 

Start with the last image in the series when creating sequenced text. Consider adding the names of the people in this picture using the text feature so that everybody knows who they are. You included everyone’s job title along with their first name. 

After you’ve finished your final picture, make several versions with different quantities of text on the screen. In this case, you’ll need to build four versions of the image, beginning with a “clean” image that doesn’t have any of the names or titles, so you can display the names and titles of each person on-screen in order. 

Working backward, you make these videos. Create the final picture in your series first, then save it by tapping the arrow icon at the top of the page. Make sure you wait until the screen says “Saved.” This will help you gain wider reach.

Customize the colours and fonts you use 

Begin by taking a photograph. To open the text tool, tap the Aa icon at the top of the page. To use on your picture, type several lines of text. After that, you’ll split your text into segments and format each one separately. Tap Cut in the pop-up menu to remove the portion of text you want to remove. From here, you can style your text in several ways:

  • Drag the text to reposition it on the picture.
  • Pinch the text to make it smaller.
  • To add a backdrop to the text, select it and tap the A button below.

The context would be more transparent if you press the icon again. By doing so, you will surely get popular on Instagram.

Curate a creative headline 

To use this hack, open your brush tools, pick the highlight tool, and draw a word for your headline. Next, select the eraser tool and drag the slider up. Then remove the middle part of the word by drawing on the screen. Tap Done to exit the brush tool when you’re finished. Your Instagram account will gain wider reach.

Insert additional images 

In most cases, Instagram Stories will only let you upload one video or picture per story. This is a perfect way to get popular on Instagram. Begin by making a video or photograph of something you want to share. Now open the picture you want to use in your story from your camera roll. 

At the bottom-left corner of the page, tap the up-arrow button. Pick Copy Photo from the pop-up menu. Return to your Instagram story after copying your picture, and you should see a small pop-up that says Add Sticker. To add the extra picture to your story, tap it. 

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t see the Add Sticker pop-up. To add the picture to your story as a solution, pick the Text tool, tap on the cursor, and then tap Paste. In the same way, GIFs can be added. If you have a custom GIF saved to your camera roll that you want to use, open it and tap the up-arrow button. Pick Copy Photo from the pop-up menu.


Instead of posting to your Instagram story right away, record a video or take a picture, then save it to your camera roll before uploading. There are two distinct advantages of using this method. For starters, you’ll be more present during special events, rather than lost on your phone. 

Secondly, what you post to Instagram Stories would be more deliberate. Investing a little more time and thought into your stories will result in more engaging content.


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