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5 Marketing tips before going live on Instagram

Social media marketing is something that each and every company needs to invest their time in. It helps you reach your desired audience and also increase your reach on Instagram. It is important to make maximum use of all the aspects of the social media platforms to increase your credibility online. One of the amazing features that instagram gives you is the live. This is very helpful when you want to interact with your audience in real time. In a worldwide pandemic where most of us are in a lockdown, features like these will help your brand connect deeper with your audience.  This article will help you explore all the marketing tips that are the most important to reap the full benefits of your instagram live session on your account. 

Read on to know more about the 5 marketing tips that will help you boost your live: 

  1. The first major tip is to buy Followers for your Instagram account. If you buy followers for your account, you will have a higher number of viewers that will increase your visibility. You can buy these real and active followers from various different sites online. They offer a lot of different packages that you can choose from. All of these sites have been used by a lot of established businesses and they have always provided the top most results. You should definitely take a look at these sites so you can understand their services better. You should definitely consider this option before you decide to go live. It will help you increase the number of views and interactions considerably. 
  2. The next point will be to settle on a particular topic for your life. Wherever you go live, you should have a list of pre-determined topics that you want to speak or interact on. This will help your audience stay tuned in and will give them something fruitful to look forward to. If you are introducing a particular product or service, make sure that your life surrounds this topic itself. This will help your audience stay connected. You can explore various reasons to have a live, for example, explain your brand, product or service. You can also have an interactive question and answer service with your audience. This will help you solve their queries and also build a bond with your audience. One other interesting approach you can try is the “add your friend” feature. This allows you to have an interview style interaction with a friend or any other instagram account. It is also a great way to promote your brand through another account. There is a lot you can do once you have settled on the purpose of your life. So get thinking and decide what topics you would like to explore with your audience. 
  3. It is very important to practice your presence and prepare the points you would like to explore during your interview. This does not mean that you have to learn up a script or be overly rehearsed. Just have some general pointers which will help you keep the flow of the live intact. Just spend some time practicing what you would like to speak about and how you would want to interact with your audience. A little practice will help you know what to do next when you are live on your instagram account. Practicing your life will also help make sure that all your technicalities are taken care of. Make sure that your background is clear and free of any distractions. Take a test video so that you can make sure that your audio is clear and you are audible. Practice where and how you want to place your camera, make sure that it is steady. All of these aspects might seem basic but really help elevate the quality of your life. After all, no one wants to watch a live show that is blurry, where you can’t hear the person or one where the camera is totally unsteady. So practice the basics and make sure that you are ready for a fun interactive session with your audience. 
  4. One of the most important points is promoting your live stream in advance. Let your audience know when you will be going live so that they are ready to join you. Decide the date, time and also the topic before you promote your life. These three aspects are the most important pieces of information when you are looking to promote your live stream. Promoting your life in advance will help make sure that your audience is ready for you and that they set the time apart to attend your live. You can use all your other social media platforms to promote your life and also promote it through instagram stories. 
  5. Keep a track of who is watching your live stream. Interact with your audience one on one. This will help you nurture your relationship with your most interactive followers. Speak to them, ask them a question or just appreciate them being there. It makes all the difference when you build personalized relationships. It helps your brand have loyal followers that will support you and help increase your business significantly. 

All of these tips will help you increase your views and followers on your instagram account. So keep all of these tips in mind before you go live the next time.  

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