Quartz Countertop Edges
Quartz Countertop Edges

5 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Edges That Are Still In Style

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen countertops with beautiful quartz? If so, then you’ll want to choose the perfect edge for your new quartz countertop. Not only will it add a unique look and feel to your kitchen, but it can also provide additional functionality.

From classic ogee edges to bevelled options, there are many different types of quartz countertop edges that are still in style today. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular options that can help make your dream kitchen come alive!

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5 Popular Quartz Countertop Edge Options

Picking out the right quartz countertop for your home is hard enough, but it becomes even trickier when you need to take quartz countertop edges into consideration. There are numerous types of quartz countertop edge options that homeowners can choose from, some of which include:

Edge Option #1 — Ogee Edge

This classic edge is characterized by an “S” curve that runs along the countertop, creating a graceful and elegant look. It can be combined with a variety of other edges, such as bullnose or beveled edges, to create unique designs.

Edge Option #2 — Bullnose Edge

With its rounded profile and soft curves, this edge is perfect for giving your quartz countertops a more traditional look and feel. It offers plenty of versatility and can work well with both contemporary and classic styles alike.

Edge Option #3 — Beveled Edge

Similar to the ogee edge but featuring sharper angles at specific points along the curve, this type of edge adds a subtle sparkle to any kitchen design. Its clean lines also provide excellent contrast against flat surfaces like stone tiles or stainless steel appliances in modern kitchens. With all this in mind, it’s clear why bevelled edges are among the most popular quartz countertop edges.

Edge Option #4 — Flat Edge (aka Square/Straight)

This simple yet chic option has no curves or sharp angles – just straight lines from end to end that give off a sleek appearance without being too dramatic or overwhelming in smaller spaces such as galley kitchens or breakfast nooks.

Edge Option #5 — DuPont Edge

Also known as the “double round over,” this quartz countertop edge has two rounded edges that come together at a point. It offers an interesting blend of classic and modern design elements and can make for an eye-catching accent in any kitchen.

No matter which quartz countertop edge you choose, it’s sure to elevate the look of your kitchen while adding value and style to your home. So be sure to explore all of your options before settling on one! And don’t forget, you can always ask a professional installer for advice if you need help picking out countertop edges for quartz surfaces.

Which Quartz Countertop Edge is Right For Your Home?

When deciding which quartz countertop edge to choose for your kitchen, it all comes down to your style, budget, and the look you want. There are many choices like ogee edges with curves, bullnose edges that are more traditional looking, bevelled edges that sparkle, flat/straight edges for a sleek look, and Dupont edges with two rounded ends.

Think about what looks best in your kitchen and how much money you have to spend. You can also ask a professional if you need help deciding! Whichever quartz countertop edge you choose, it’s sure to make a statement in your home.

What Are The Benefits of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops offer a unique combination of beauty and durability. They are incredibly resistant to staining, scratching, and other wear-and-tear that is common with regular use in kitchens.

Quartz countertops also have a low maintenance requirement since they do not need to be sealed (like granite or marble countertops do). The non-porous surface makes them a great choice for preventing the accumulation of bacteria and other germs, making them a healthier option for food preparation. Additionally, quartz countertops come in many different styles and colours which allows homeowners to find the perfect look for their kitchen design.

Furthermore, quartz is highly heat resistant which makes it an ideal choice for creating stunning backsplashes that won’t crack or discolour over time. All these features make quartz countertops one of the most sought-after materials in modern kitchen design – adding timeless elegance as well as superior strength and durability to any home.

5 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Edges That Are Still In Style — Conclusion

Choosing the right quartz countertop edge for your kitchen can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to consider factors such as style and budget when making your decision.

Whether you choose a bullnose or ogee edge with curves; bevelled edges that sparkle; flat/straight lines for sleekness; or Dupont edges with two rounded ends – you can rest assured knowing that any one of these popular edges will add value and style to your home!

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