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5 Reasons to Seek Out Mental Health Assistance

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 31% of adults in the last year reported symptoms of oncology and depression. Others reported stress, increased substance abuse, as well as suicidal ideation. The COVID-19 pandemic instilled fear, isolation, and loneliness all over the world, and unfortunately, it increased the risk of mental health disorders.

When facing these struggles, it is important to know when to ask for help, and what services are available.

Keep reading to learn why individuals should pursue mental health assistance.

  1. Mental Health Assistance for Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are some of the most prevalent mental health disorders in the United States, and thus are popular reasons for seeking out mental health treatment. Depression treatment and anxiety treatment are critical because, in addition to causing mental and emotional distress, they pose a risk to physical health.

Individuals are at an elevated risk for heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.

They are also more likely to be overweight and obese, which carry their physical health risks.

The first step of treatment for anxiety and depression is often a variation of talk therapy. Through therapy, a mental health professional works to identify the underlying symptoms of a disorder. Some symptoms are addressed through behavioral management, while others may be treated with medication.

  1. Stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, whether it is day-to-day stress or stress due to big life transitions.

One reason that individuals seek mental health services is for help managing stress. Mental health professionals help patients practice strategies for coping with stress, such as mediation or breathing exercises. They may also identify areas in a person’s life that may be the root cause of stress.

  1. Relationship Management

Much like stress, relationships are a critical part of life. These include friendships, workplace relationships, family relationships, as well as intimate partner relationships. Mental health services are beneficial for promoting healthy relationships and improving relationship management.

Through family or couples therapy, professionals can diagnose problems within a relationship that are preventing relationship success.

Some patients have difficulty communicating with others. Others have a hard time working through changes without the help of a counselor, who may act as a mediator in arguments. Therapy bolsters greater trust and intimacy.

These services may be a good avenue for more serious problems, as well.

Substance use and addiction, grief and loss, medical diagnoses, parenthood, are all examples of big life changes that may be easier to cope with through therapy. Therapy not only addresses an individual’s problem but addresses how that problem affects an individual’s immediate family or support system.

  1. Goal Setting

Sometimes therapy seems intimidating or overwhelming, and maybe even sad.

People seek therapy for positive reasons, too. Many people seek therapy as an avenue for learning about their goals and aspirations. After an individual identifies their goals, a therapist may instruct them on steps they can take toward achieving these goals.

  1. Self-Esteem

Finally, mental health and therapy services are a wonderful avenue for establishing greater self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is often the root of greater issues. Poor self-esteem leads to negative thoughts, negative self-talk, and may prevent individuals from truly taking care of themselves.

A therapist will address these thoughts and teach clients proper management techniques that will improve esteem.


In the aftermath of a global pandemic, it is more important than ever that we take care of ourselves. That’s why we should all seek mental health assistance when we experience mental health issues, much like we would seek treatment for physical health.

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