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5 Reasons Why Ants Love Invading Your Home

Ants are generally harmless. They don’t carry disease, most species are not tempted to bite humans, and they are small enough not to seem scary.

However, ants can pick up disease if they walk through bacteria and it clings to them. It can then drop off inside your home, potentially making you ill. That’s why, if you see even one ant in your home you should contact the exterminators.

It’s worth noting that ants live in a colony and have different jobs. If one ant has found a food source in your home it will tell the others and there will quickly be a column of ants.

A regular inspection by a reputable pest control company will help to identify ant problems as well as any other pests. This will allow you to take care of it before it becomes more serious.

Of course, it can also help to understand the 5 main reasons why ants love invading your home. Knowing what they are will help you eliminate them and make your home less attractive to ants and other pests.

  1. Unsealed Food

It may surprise you but ants have a great sense of smell! That means they will be able to detect food you have stored that isn’t in an airtight container. They are particularly fond of sweet foods, if they detect the odour they will head into your home.

In short, put open packets of food in sealed containers.

  1. Crumbs

If open packets are enticing then imagine what they think of the crumbs you’ve left on the floor! To you, they may be inconsequential or barely even noticeable. To an ant, your crumbs could be a feast.

To prevent this issue you need to wipe down your sides properly with a cleanser and vacuum the floor regularly to eliminate crumbs.

  1. Pet Food

Pet food is highly attractive to an array of pests, including ants. It may feel nice to leave the food down for your animals but, it will also be an invitation to ants. They will be drawn by the aroma and are then likely to investigate the rest of your home.

  1. Water Sources

There are many water sources that can create the water that ants need to survive. For example, if you have a leaking pipe it will create moisture which is enticing to ants. Equally, gutters that haven’t been cleared create pools of water and even your pet water bowls can be a great drink for ants and other pests.

You’re going to need to check your home for any leaks or places where water collects and then eliminate them. It will help to stop the ants from appearing.

  1. Your Flowers

It’s nice to have colourful and fragrant flowers in the garden. However, some flowers, such as roses and even peonies are particularly attractive to pests and ants. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them, just pay attention to where they are situated and what pests you see around them frequently.

If you think you have an ant problem, take action as soon as possible.

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