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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Fake GPS Location

It is natural to fantasize about traveling to different destinations. We all do it almost every other day. While visualizing destinations is possible, it’s not like you can pick up your bag, sit on a plane, and land at your desired destination. If only it were that easy.

Even though it’s not physically possible, you can virtually land anywhere on the globe at any time of the day. For that to work, you’ll need to fake your GPS location.

There’s more to faking your GPS location as governments, third parties, and your ISP continually monitor your digital activities to understand you better. These entities then use the data gathered to advertise your products and services based on your likes and dislikes.

The ability to fake your GPS location enables you to significantly enhance your online privacy, connect to a different site, avail deals and discounts unavailable in your region, bypass geo-restrictions, connect with people on dating apps, stream the latest TV shows and movies blocked in your country, play games and so much more.

There are dozens of online services and applications on your device that feed on your location. They track each online and offline move you make and understand you better than anybody else.

Whether it’s for security reasons or recreational purposes, faking your location comes with its own set of advantages. Let’s dive into why you should fake your GPS location.


Faking your GPS location while looking for a match on a dating app can get you far more significant results from areas outside your physical radius. This can drastically increase your chances of getting a successful match. Having the ability to set up a different location while sitting comfortably at your physical location can unlock numerous opportunities for you.


In today’s world, there are several location-based games. The most noticeable game is Pokémon GO that uses your GPS location to look for a Pokémon. You no longer have to rush outside and catch Pokémon characters when you can simply fake a GPS location and bounce from one place to another. A fake GPS will trick your device into thinking that you’re in a particular location when you are sitting comfortably at a spot.

TV Shows/Movies

TV shows and movies are usually geo-restricted, which is why you’ll see a limited catalog of streaming content on services like Netflix and Hulu. Faking a GPS location enables you to stream content that’s unavailable in your region. Simply connect to the IP of a country where it’s available and enjoy streaming.                                                        


Not all countries have the same deals and discounts going on at the same time. The same-store might have a sale going on in a different country for a far lower price. By faking your location, you can avail deals and discounts currently unavailable in your region.

Online Privacy

Faking your GPS location is an incredible and ingenious way of masking your online identity. With a temporary assigned IP address and location, you can virtually travel around the globe disguising yourself as someone while comfortably sitting on your sofa.

VPNs are the most reliable way to fake a GPS location as they provide you with encryption. By encrypting your internet connection, your digital activities are secured against intruders.

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