5 Signs That It’s Time to Get a New Mattress

For many Americans, the mattress might not be their first consideration when they have trouble sleeping. However, your body might tell you that it’s time to get a new mattress before your eyes even do.

If you find yourself waking up feeling exhausted or with back pains, it might be time to replace your mattress.

Mattresses often have a lifespan of about six to eight years, and people often use this as a guide to determine if they should get a new one. What people don’t know is that the mattress components designed to provide comfort often wear out much sooner than that.

That said, how can you be sure that you need to upgrade your mattress? Here are five telltale signs that will have you looking for a good quality mattress for sale.

1. It’s Not as Comfortable as It Used to Be

Tossing and turning in the middle of the night can’t be any fun. In fact, it can be quite counterproductive, considering you might wake up feeling fatigued and with random body aches the next morning.

If you experience such troubles sleeping regularly, you might need to upgrade your mattress.

2. You Wake Up With a Stuffy Nose

If you constantly exhibit cold-like symptoms when you wake up, then it might not just be your allergies flaring up.

Mattresses collect dust mites and allergens such as mold and bacteria over time, which may trigger allergy symptoms.

However, you can avoid this by using a mattress cover to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating in your mattress.

3. It’s Gotten Saggy

Many of us have a difficult time getting out of bed. But for some of us, it’s not entirely our fault.

A mattress sagging in the middle can make it quite the struggle to get up vertically. While flipping the mattress can help solve the issue, this solution is often temporary, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s sagging on either side.

4. Frayed or Worn Edges

Although they don’t necessarily impact your sleeping area on the mattress, mattresses are designed to last, and frayed edges are a sure sign that your mattress is beyond its average lifespan.

So, even if the mattress isn’t dipping in the middle, the edges might be proof enough that you need to get a replacement.

5. Have no Bounce

A mattress with no bounce or has squeaky, or screeching metal sounds are strong indicators that it might be worn out. It could mean that the coils are wearing out with age and may not provide the same quality of comfort and support as before.

While you’re better off getting a new mattress, you can fix the noise in the meantime by simply tightening the bolds in the box spring or mattress.

Finding a Good Mattress for Sale

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and although your mattress has provided you with good service over the years, you need to know when to replace your mattress. A worn-out mattress can have dire consequences on your sleep pattern, which will consequently affect your overall health.

So, consider the tips highlighted in this column to learn when to change things.

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