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5 Sure Signs the Beloved Man Is Breaking You

Casting in lot with a man, a woman chooses a life partner, the father of her children, and the head of their future family. And every lady wants to be a happy wife and mother loved by her spouse. However, when building a romantic relationship with a tyrant, everything can go by contraries. A violent man is not able to make a lady happy but just suppresses and humiliates her. In reality, such guys look not for beloved women but for victims. Therefore, you need to closely watch the behavior of a man from the very beginning of relationships so as not to become a victim of psychological violence. If your boyfriend meets the below-listed signs, it means he is definitely prone to violence.

He does not like your friends and family

The desire for power and total control is one of the signs of a man prone to violence. Consequently, as relations develop, you suddenly find yourself isolated from your usual circle of friends and even family. The “sauces” under which this type of manipulation is usually served can be different. A man can force you into guilt by telling how bored he is when you are not around. Or the guy voices a negative opinion about your family or friends in a rude and sarcastic form, urging you to reduce or even stop communicating with them. So, each meeting with friends or a trip to your family becomes a severe challenge for you and the cause of the partner’s bad mood. The man may even insist on a virtual date just to see about you. The goal of such men is the same – to deprive beloved women of the habitual support in order to get the desired attention and take control of the situation at any point in time.

He forbids you dressing prettily

Choosing between a beautiful feminine dress and jeans with a baggy t-shirt, a man always insists on the second option. Thus, he tries to make a woman the least attractive for the opposite sex. Over time, the lady puts up with this way of life and ceases to care for appearance. Consequently, her self-esteem gets low. And this is exactly what such a man needs – a meek, selfless victim.

Flexible value system

In addition to the joy of intimacy and love, romantic relationships imply a rather large set of common responsibilities. However, sometimes, the values ​​and rules of living together, which once were common for both lovers, turn into strict obligations for one partner and become very flexible for another. For example, it suddenly turns out that speaking of the unacceptability of cheating, your man meant you, not himself. Or one evening, it appears that the man can return from work tired and sorrowfully lie around on the sofa, while you always have to be in good shape and radiate vivacity. Such relationships gradually turn into a kind of one-sided game: for one partner, the burden of obligations grows, while for the other – loses its shape and dissolves into thin air. And whatever you do, it is not enough and ends with new requirements and constant discontent with the partner. At the same time, your own needs seem to cease to exist.

Away with self-realization

As John Lennon said, life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Some ongoing events bring joy, others – on the contrary. For each person, it is important to fill life with resources that help to feel refreshment of mind and body and become more resistant to the challenges of life. All of these resources make people stronger and more self-sufficient in the long run. But such a person is not interesting for a tyrannical partner; therefore, this man tries his best to “de-energize” a beloved woman. Thus, your favorite hobbies are gradually relegating to the background, and in the end, disappear from your life completely. And along with that, you lose yourself, and all that charges your “internal battery.”

Constant complaints about life and attempts to cry poor mouth

This is about men who never find satisfaction. For some reason, they are burdened with great pain and try to compensate for it with total control over those who love them. Such men are used to blaming others for their own failures. Their speeches often full of disappointment, sorrow for missed opportunities, and deep melancholy. Such representatives of the stronger sex like to complain and talk about their problems. Many women falsely assume that these men can transform into charming princes with time. However, statistics is inexorable – such guys only break women and ruin their lives.

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