5 Tips To Reduce The Risk Of A Motorcycle Accident

In the last few years, many people have embraced using motorcycles since they calm and relax their body and mind. Also, they are eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to cars due to the amount of fuel consumed. But, despite the thrilling feeling of riding a motorcycle, it has its risks.

Whether you are an experienced or a new rider, a fatal accident can happen due to bad weather conditions, not wearing suitable garments, and riding while drunk. If this happens, contact a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney  to help you get a fair settlement on your case. However, there are ways you can reduce this risk while on the road. Here are five tips that can help you prevent a motorcycle accident.

Wear Protective Gears

One of the essential tips that most people assume is wearing the right gear when riding motorcycles. This will prevent fatal injuries to your body in case an accident occurs. Also, bright garments that are either neon orange, red or neon yellow will make you visible to other drivers on the road.

For example, wearing a helmet will prevent brain trauma, saving your life. However, it is essential to buy an approved helmet from the transportation department in your area to ensure you don’t end up with substandard gear. Further, Heavy pants and long sleeve jackets can also protect your skin from abrasions due to the friction caused by a hard surface during a motorcycle accident.

Other protective gears you should wear include;

  • Motorcycle gloves
  • Boots
  • Body armor
  • Knee and elbow guards
  • Hearing protection
  • Motorcycling goggles

Adhere to Speed Limits

Riding a motorcycle at speed humps here can be dangerous, especially on a busy road. You can easily lose control, thus endangering your life and other drivers. And in case of a little mishap, you will have less reaction time to avoid collision or loss of momentum.

In addition, when it comes to long road trips, the extensive rides might cause stiff joints and sore muscles, making it hard for you to control the bike at high speeds. Therefore, ride at comfortable speeds to give yourself sufficient reaction time to unexpected hazards.

While riding on a new road, check road signs that indicate the speed limit on a specific train. Some roads might have sharp corners, and at high speed, your bike might slide out, grinding you on the road surface. Thus, depending on the terrain and the state you are riding in, it is best to adhere to the set rules to reduce the risk of a motorcycle accident.

Avoid Riding in Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Riding in bad weather such as snow, thunderstorms, or heavy rains is dangerous and can put you at risk. It reduces the visibility of the oncoming drivers, which can lead to head-on collisions, causing injuries to your body. Further, snow might make roads slippery, making your motorcycle lose control. Also, riding in thunderstorms is hazardous due to the risk of getting struck by lightning. Other weather conditions to avoid include strong winds and hail, whether you are an experienced or new rider.

So, before taking that exciting ride on the highway, check the weather forecast to see if the expected weather will be favorable for a ride. Postpone the trip until the climate is favorable to ensure you enjoy your motorcycle rides. And in case you are involved in an accident from bad weather, contact a motorcycle accident attorney to help you file a claim for a fair compensation plan from your insurance.

Do Regular Maintenance of Your Motorcycle

Like other machines, motorcycles need regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently. It will also reduce the probability of the cycle breaking down while on the road, which can cause an accident. In fact, research shows that most incidents are caused by mechanical faults and poor brakes, lights, and tire maintenance.

You can avoid a motorcycle accident by ensuring your bike is in good condition. Check your tires and ensure they have enough air pressure to avoid losing control and skidding in the wrong lane. Replace engine oil and make sure there are no leakages. Riding a motorcycle on dirty engine oil will reduce its life and lead to a mechanical fault, hence causing an accident. Here are other tasks you can try to ensure your motorcycle performs efficiently to have a safe ride.

  • Change the motorcycle air filter, especially when riding on dusty roads
  • Ensure the clutch is in the right condition, not too tight or too loose
  • Frequently clean your bike chain and lubricate it for smooth wheeling
  • Avoid parking your bike directly in sunlight
  • Ensure your brakes are in good condition and change the pads when necessary
  • Keep your battery charged and frequently top up the distilled water
  • Clean it regularly with water and soap while covering the ignition switch

Avoid Riding Under the Influence of Drugs

Drugs impair the mind of the user hence affecting their judgment. This is one of the reasons why experts advise people to avoid operating machines after intoxication. For instance, while on drugs, you might underestimate the distance from an oncoming driver, putting you at risk of an accident.

If you plan to take a motorcycle ride, it is best to avoid any type of drug that can compromise your safety. Whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, or heroin, avoid taking even the tiniest amount since it increases the risk of getting involved in a motorcycle accident. A 2014 case study reports that riding under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and causes about 24 to 27 percent of fatalities of motorcyclists.


The experience of riding a motorcycle can be exciting and help you cope with various mental issues such as stress. It calms and soothes your mind, which can also be compared to meditation. However, it comes with multiple risks that can cause emotional, physical injuries, or even death.

For this reason, it is essential to drive cautiously to reduce the risk of an accident that can leave you incapacitated. These few tips can help you enjoy a motorcycle ride while keeping safe.

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