Specialist Personal Trainer

5 Types of Specialist Personal Trainer

Many specialist fields within personal training have emerged in the last 50 years. Trainers can take courses to help hone their skills within their chosen specialization. Here is a brief guide to the kinds of personal trainer available for fitness work today.

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning coaches work with bodybuilders, athletes, entertainers and regular folk to help get more out of their bodies. Professional athletes typically work with strength and conditioning coaches alongside their other training partners. These performance-oriented personal trainers work with weights and cardiovascular exercise regimes. Strength and conditioning coaches are important members of any athletic training team.

Senior Health

Senior citizens have plenty of unique health concerns that can be addressed by a specialist personal trainer. Older people often have issues with flexibility, bone strength and cardiovascular health. Specialist gyms like 55fitness.com often house personal trainers that can develop and oversee fitness plans suited to older people. Personal trainers working in the senior fitness field can partner with specialist gyms, elder care homes and also take on work inside people’s homes. Older people can be reluctant to enter the often high-pressure environment of a conventional gym, making specialist gyms and home visits popular alternatives.

Group Fitness

Leading group fitness classes takes a special kind of personal training acumen. Personal trainers working with groups need to be good leaders, clear public speakers and attentive teachers. They need to be able to bring an entire fitness class along with them – accommodating people that fall behind and pushing people that can achieve more.

Youth Fitness and Coaching

The training of young athletes involves a series of specialist skills. Personal trainers working with children and teenagers need to be part coach and part teacher. They often work with sports academies: helping to prepare children for a life in the world of adult competitive sport. Personal trainers that want to work with children need to have specialist qualifications and police clearance in most countries. In the United Kingdom, for instance, personal trainers wanting to work with kids need to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check. They also need to be well versed in safeguarding protocols designed to protect children from harm.

Obesity and Weight Loss Management

Many people attend a specialist personal trainer in order to manage weight loss. This will sometimes be recommended by a doctor in cases where a person’s health is in danger due to obesity. Managing weight loss in cases of obesity is not as simple as prescribing exercise and diet changes. In order to safely lead a client to long-term health, careful planning has to take place. Losing weight can be a complex process that involves the development of healthy, functional attitudes towards food and exercise. Poor quality personal training can do more damage than good in the long-term. The development of guilt or fear during personal training can cause relapses into the very habits that contributed towards dangerous weight gain in the first place.

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