Working from home has been incredibly hectic, especially in these Covid times. It definitely comes with perks, but you might struggle to maintain a healthy posture. Whether you are working from home or visiting the office, you need to maintain a healthy posture by investing in suitable chairs. Having the right gear at your workstation allows you to work efficiently from home, preventing you from long-term health issues.

  1. Place your monitor at a proper distance:

When you keep looking at the monitor’s display for a longer duration, you are straining your eyes, neck, and head, negatively impacting the posture. This leads to physical pressure, which can affect mental health.

According to medical science, it is advised to keep the monitor at such a distance that your eyes come in line to around 5-10cms from the top of your monitor. If the screen is quite low or too high, you can visualize the monitor upwards or downwards. This can lead to neck pain, muscle pain, and shoulder pain.

Other than that, you need to sit at an optimal distance from the PC. The average distance is around 40-100cms, but the distance should be such that you can view the screen clearly from your chair at a single view.

If you feel some discomfort when viewing the screen, make sure to use a riser, laptop stand, or stable surface to ensure the optimal height of the monitor. You can invest in a monitor arm as well, which helps adjust the display based on your liking, which can free some disk space and allow you to keep files.

  1. Invest within peripherals:

Are you an individual who works on laptops from home? Then you do need to invest in other accessories as well to ease your tasks. Invest in a mouse and keyboard, which eases down the physical strain.

Generally, laptops don’t have the best ergonomics as they are designed for portability and easy transport. If you keep your laptop at an optimal distance or place it at the level of your eyes, you won’t work correctly. So it’s best to invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard, which saves you from the hassle and slouching or bending leading to back, neck, head, and eye strain.

Whether you are working from home or visiting the office, investing in these accessories won’t be regret as they come without cables which means you can carry them easily wherever you go.

Laptops come with small screens leading to squinting of eyes and neck strain. The biggest laptops come with 17-inch screens these days, which is why it’s better to invest in a monitor screen if possible. The large screen sizes allow you to visualize the entire content over the large size. It relieves you from any neck or eye strain and prevents severe headaches. Plus, you won’t suffer from poor vision.

  1. Try adjusting the chair:

This is one of the most crucial things you should consider to keep a healthy posture while working from home. The sitting posture has a significant impact on the physical well-being of an individual. If you are an employee who spends several hours working on the computer, you need a comfortable chair to sit on to prevent any back strain.

A proper sitting posture makes you feel comfortable. But you must be wondering how to attain the correct posture? Adjust the chair properly. For adjusting the chair’s height, check out the link related to How to fix the height of the chair.

A proper height is such that your feet are correctly flat over the floor. If you cannot keep your feet flat over the ground, you should try investing in a footstool.

Moreover, place the elbow at 90 degrees angle with the arms. Lastly, keep the forearms in 180 degrees or parallel to the floor. It is the perfect posture that helps in relieving strain from your shoulders and arms.

The back is one of the most important places which suffers from strain if you don’t offer complete support to the spine. So make sure to rest your back aligned with the chair rather than slouching. You can also add a cushion or a pillow to make you feel comfortable with the chair’s back.

If you plan to invest in buying a best budget office chair, click now to find out the right one. Every chair and individual is unique, so you need to choose the chair wisely with adjustable features.

  1. Improve the lights around your workstation:

Light is an essential source to prevent you from straining the eyes and then negatively impacting your posture. If a light source is placed incorrectly or the distance of the light from the desk is not appropriate, it might affect the brightness of your screen.

Adding a desk lamp can serve as a direct source of light that sits well around your computer, giving perfect illumination to your keyboard and screen, making it comfortable for you to sit well.

LED lamps in the market come with different color temperatures and adjustable brightness, allowing you to work on your computer efficiently.

  1. Choose a chair that comes with an adjustable armrest:

Investing in a chair that comes with such an adjustable feature allows you to place the elbow at a proper distance easily. The angle of the elbow to the wrist should be perpendicular or at 90 degrees with your body. Having the chair that comes with an adjustable armrest allows you to sit comfortably in a resting position without affecting the posture of your body and strain over the arms.


Lastly, change your positions often while working from home to maintain a healthy posture. Sitting in the same pose for several hours or the entire day can lead to neck, head, and eye-straining plus stiffness in different body parts. Moreover, try performing core exercises that help you strengthen the back without affecting the health of your posture.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in an incredible chair and keep your posture healthy.

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