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6 Benefits of Donating Plasma You Should Know

Most people are familiar with blood donation, but did you know that you can donate plasma too? You might be curious about the entire process. And you’ll be surprised that there are benefits of donating plasma you might not have known.

Let’s discuss.

What to expect for your first visit

When you visit a reputable plasma donation company for the first time, the experienced team of doctors will help you settle upon arrival. Just like with blood donation, a sterile needle is inserted into your vein to get blood. The process is almost painless.

The best thing about donating plasma is that the process is automated. Your red blood cells get separated for collection before the rest of your blood gets back to you. The entire process takes about two hours, and great care is taken on the patients throughout the process. Once complete, the plasma collected is then sent to the lab to get it ready for transportation to the intended location.

The perks of donating plasma

1.      Make an impact

If you did not already know, source plasma is used to produce plasma protein-based injectable patient treatment therapies. Patients globally need convalescent plasma, plasma transfusions, and medicine made of plasma. And they all depend on the generosity of donors.

When you donate your plasma, you make an impact not only in society but globally. Donating is safe, easy, and takes less time.

When donating, you can sit and read your emails, have conversations, etc. You don’t have to stop everything in your life just because you chose to donate.

With a little, you can feel good knowing that impacted a life. There are a few plasma centers that positively impact people’s lives such as Biolife. They also compensate donors with Biolife coupons and ensure a healthy process of responsible donation.

2.      Able to maintain a healthy diet

When you become a regular plasma donor, the medics will guide you towards maintaining healthier eating habits. You are encouraged to eat nutritious foods filled with vitamins and proteins and drink enough water so that your donations can always go smoothly.

When you become a plasma donor, you feel the need to cut back on processed fatty foods. And limit your intake of alcoholic beverages and caffeine. You learn how to eat in moderation and practice habits that boost your immune system. That helps to improve your overall health.

3.      Saving lives

Donating plasma saves lives! Not only do you make an impact, as mentioned above, but help those in dire and life-threatening conditions and blood disorders.

Plasma is a vital ingredient in many treatments, and since it cannot be produced in the lab or synthetically created, you need to give someone the chance to live and lead a happy and healthy life.

4.      Plasma donation is a relatively safe process.

In a typical donation center, the medic will perform screening to ensure you’re in good shape before embarking on this process. You must be healthy and fit and not engage in harmful healthy eating practices such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

All the equipment used, such as needles, is carefully sterilized and the surrounding environment sanitized. The personnel handling you, such as doctors and lab technicians, are competent and will ensure safe screening, and the extraction process is seamless.

The process is made as painless as possible.

5.      Reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Donating plasma does not just help you take charge of your diet. It also significantly impacts your physical health. It helps you work on reducing your bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol.

Research and studies have shown that if you have high cholesterol levels, plasma donation will help regulate the same.

Remember, high cholesterol levels increase your risk of heart attacks and heart-related complications. When your plasma gets collected and your body generates new ones, you significantly minimize your health risk.

Besides reducing cholesterol levels, regular plasma donors help lower your blood pressure. Recent research and studies have found that individuals with high blood pressure may reduce it through donating plasma.

6.      Boost your mood

What better way to boost your mood than to donate plasma and know you’ve touched someone’s life? When you show concern for the well-being of others, it positively impacts your mental, health, and emotional well-being. It gives you a happy feeling and boosts your happiness and mood. When endorphins are released, you generally feel good about yourself.

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