6 Easy Steps To Optimize Your Youtube Channel

6 Easy Steps To Optimize Your Youtube Channel

Want to optimize your youtube channel? There is no better time than now to do it. As being the most visited site on the web, it does have some requirements when you want to properly optimize your youtube channel. If you want to stand out from everyone else on this platform, you need to take advantage of as many promotional tactics as possible. Youtube channel optimization is not a very complicated process. In this article, we will discuss all the tactics of promoting a Youtube Channel Optimization and how to maximize the viewership. You need to gather all the information available when you are just getting started.

  • Put A Keyword Into Your Channel Name

The titles of video content are extremely important for google searches. But it’s not about how cool and funky the name you came up with, it’s all about the keyword. The title you are using must have a keyword that will help you to rank on google. You will not get the viewers as you are expecting even if your video is high quality because it lacks a keyword. You need to make sure to optimize your titles for keywords that fit naturally and express to your viewers what they are going to see. You can try long-tailed keyword phrases for individual videos because they would be more specific. The video descriptions are also very important. It should be at least 250 words and do not forget to input the keywords here. The optimized description makes your video visible to the suggested sidebar, which is a significant source to get more viewers. Also remember that your chosen keywords should appear in the title, description, tags, and transcript. 

  • Adding A Transcript To The Description Field

You need to be sure to add the transcript to the description field as mentioned earlier. Transcripts are the easiest way of creating captions. It’d be great for your youtube channel if the transcript is naturally keyword-optimized for your selected topic. Entering a transcript straightly in your video or following the steps that google provides to create a transcript file, both works. After creating the file, finish the rest of the work by following the instructions.

Making Impactful Thumbnails

Gaining more potential viewers to read your titles and descriptions is important, but you can help the cause by creating impactful thumbnails. Custom thumbnails are typically better than others. Youtube can provide you with more suggestions, but creating and uploading a custom thumbnail is not that complicated. It must be “eye-catchy”. 

  • Related Tags And Hashtags

Another thing you should think about adding in your video descriptions is hashtags. It’s also a strategy you can use to build viewership on your channel although many don’t think about hashtags when it comes to youtube content. Clicking on the hashtags takes you to the other posts using the same hashtags. 

  • Cross Promoting By Adding Cards

Adding cards are the best way to cross-promote. You can place more than five cards in each of your videos and each will promote your videos or your playlist. It encourages the viewer to search for more of your content while watching your videos.

  • Organize Your Playlist

A viewer will have a pleasant experience finding and watching content if your playlists are organized. Also, it gives your channel a proper look and helps with your youtube SEO if linking similar videos are into one single playlist. You can rearrange your playlist again if it’s needed later. 

  • Stay Engaged With Youtube Community

Youtube represents a thriving community where viewers are engaging via profiles, likes, and comments. Interaction with your viewers is considered as a positive signal to Youtube. Engaging with your subscriber helps you build up a strong connection with your audience which is very good for your channel.

As mentioned earlier, it is not too complicated to optimize your youtube channel but it is important. Follow these simple steps, you’ll find yourself getting there pretty soon. Have a good day.

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