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6 Killer Ways to Reach Your Customers

There is no point in starting a company, dedicating months or years in developing a product or service, just to not be seen by potential customers on the market. That is why marketing is as important, or even more important, than the production line itself. Investing in marketing is the surest way to expand production and bring in more profit, but how can you do it? 

This very mature field of business has to offer a variety of tried and tested techniques of reaching customers, both potential and existing ones. Here we will cover the 6 best ways of doing it, but it is up to the company owner or manager to decide what suits them best, as a variety of products or services have a variety of ways to be advertised. 


There is nothing like it when a huge slogan and a high-resolution picture shine down on you as you drive the streets of a busy town. Catching someone’s attention is very easy this way, and that is why billboards, however primitive they may be, have always been one of the more popular methods of advertising. 

Being creative is your best bet here, as even if you cannot find the best possible spot for the billboard (such as on a stretch of a busy road), you can still hope that people will photograph it and talk about if it has a catchy phrase or innovative picture. 

Sending Direct Messages

Telemarketing is slowly dying out, especially as people have become more and more annoyed with having to speak with someone who only wants to sell them a product as quickly as possible. That is why sending messages is becoming the norm and is considered much more polite towards customers. 

There are several options: sending emails gives you space for a lengthy text, but it’s up for debate if people will regularly open their emails just for that. The better option, especially for shorter texts and promotional codes is sending SMS globally to existing users. As today everyone has a mobile phone at their side, they will instantly see the message and digest it if it’s short enough. 

Fairs and Stands

Large gatherings of people who have an interest in the type of stuff you offer are the perfect place to be around. That is why fairs can attract hundreds of thousands of spectators, and as a large number of them are potential customers you should make an effort to be seen. 

The size of your stand has mostly to do with how much money you can pay for space, but the decoration and what’s on display is all up to you and your creativity. Make sure to stand out compared to neighbors and give a clear view of what you offer. 

Door-to-Door Salespeople

A bit of nuisance if they come too often, but unavoidable otherwise – traveling salespeople are a key asset in any advertising campaign. Not only will they be able to better judge the potential customer in person than over the phone, but they will be harder to get rid of until they make a sale. 

Just be certain that they know your product well before sending them off, because if they give out false information that could mean legal trouble down the road later on.

Collaborating With Others

Combining the fame of several companies is a good way of expanding and reaching out to new customers. Research shows that collaborative actions can develop new markets for everyone involved, as they tap into the now bigger mutual customer base. 

This can be shown in several examples, such as a soft drink company and an alcohol producer making a mix of their popular brands, or festivals and tourist agencies combining their service into one package.

Location, Location, Location

Ever heard the expression “Out of sight, out of mind”? Well, having a store or workshop in a good location is just maybe your best chance of reaching new customers all the time. Places like shopping malls, highway exits, and pedestrian districts downtown, are usually more pricey to rent but for good reason. The expected traffic, coupled with good infrastructure, is what you are after if you want to secure both a good customer base and a good place to do business.

There are still many options we haven’t discussed, such as handing out leaflets, promoting sports events, and such, as they are either very expensive or very inefficient. Think carefully about what you represent as a company, and about the customers you are after, and you will be able to choose the best possible marketing strategy that fits you.

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