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6 Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Celebrating the coming year is a milestone in most of our lives. Saying goodbye to the old and letting in the new must be done in style.

It happens to the best of us that some plans fall through. So, if your original party plans get canceled, don’t let despair take over, plan your own.

So, bring out the fancy drinks and décor, and we will show you how to get the party started.

Whether you organize the celebrations at home or rent somewhere you will have guaranteed fun. House parties are the easiest way to get away from the outside world and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

There is so much to do when planning for a New Year’s Eve party. Planning the menu, the decorations, re-organizing the house, and inviting guests. To make this all easier, here are some themes to help you with putting together a last-minute party.

These themes are easy to prepare for, require just a bit of planning, and you will be the host of the year. You really don’t have to overthink the preparations. Your guests will have a great time, just introduce people to each other and they will take it from there.

1 Boardgame Party

Boardgames never go out of fashion. You can play all sorts of versions with family and friends. This is a relaxing and chill option if you want a night of casual fun.

Twister is definitely the greatest icebreaker but is also great fun if you play it after everyone has had a few drinks. Bring out all the drinking games, prepare cards, and you can also ask guests to bring their favorite ones along. Cards Against Humanity will guarantee a whole night of laughter.

Decoration should be playful and colorful, use lots of balloons. Using old playing cards and fake money to glue them to a ribbon makes perfect garlands. Choose a matching paper set of cups, plates, and napkins.

Set up play stations around the house with different games. So, players won’t bother each other when playing games with different intensities.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can order dice-shaped pillows or inflatables.

Snacks to include crisps, nachos with dips, popcorn, meat and cheese platters with crackers, then cupcakes and shortbread cookies for sweetness.

2 Disco Dance Party

If you can’t buy a disco ball at the last minute, you can always have a balloon with a lot of glitter and confetti to have a similar effect. You can even burst the balloon at midnight to dance in the confetti cloud.

It is important how you set up the house, make sure you have a dance floor. A disco party might require a little bit more planning in terms of design, but if you go for all silver, neon, shiny and glittery, you can’t fail.

Try a fringe curtain backdrop for shaking up your place a little. It is also good in a photo corner with some shiny balloons and props such as roller skates and large music players.

Taking things to the next level, wear go-go boots, strong makeup, put on a Bee Gees playlist, and dance till the morning. Don’t forget about the glowing neon sticks.

Let every guest you have invited choose a couple of songs and turn them into one big dance playlist. You can easily set this up on Spotify, and you can later guess who added which track.

Food-wise, focus on simple bites, colorful cupcakes, ice cream. Prepare a big bowl of punch for old times’ sake.

3 Casino Party

Imagine a lavish and glossy night in Monte Carlo. Who wouldn’t be interested? To top it all up, make guests wear fancy masquerade masks for full glam.

Set up some game stations in the house for poker, roulette, and blackjack. But don’t forget about the guests who are there to just casually enjoy the night. Provide a dance floor and make sure the area is in dramatic colors like red, green, black, gold, and silver.

Use cards and poker chips for decoration and add casino photo props too.

Ask guests to wear a black tie or cocktail dress. If you want extra fun for the night, let your guests know that Elvis costumes are rewarded with a gift.

Set up a buffet table with pasta salad, green mixed salad, meat, and cheese platters.

Don’t wait until midnight, you can pop that champagne earlier. Try some of the best champagne cocktails, they are guaranteed success. There are even champagne cupcakes to go with the drinks.

4 Pajama Party

Forget about the sparkly dresses and the busy holiday season. Hop into your PJs and get comfortable. Depending on how many guests you are expecting, you can buy everyone a matching set, or invite people in their own pajamas. You might even find a matching set for your pet.

Camp out in the living room or a dedicated part of the house. Use plenty of duvets, pillows, and blankets. Even better if you have enough to build a tent or fort.

When everyone gets comfy you can start a movie marathon or dig out the board games for entertainment.

You can take it easy with some fancy sandwich bites and hot cocoa with marshmallows. Yet the best menu for a New Year’s Eve slumber party is pizza, which goes perfectly with prosecco.

5 Travel the World Party

The ultimate party theme, especially popular among fresher graduates. Almost as good as traveling abroad, but you get to experience various cultures in your own home.

If you are sending out invitations, use printable luggage tag designs. Include a little memo for guests to bring photos and souvenirs from their travels and old passports, to build a little wall.

When it comes to decoration, you can get a big map attached to the wall and let everyone mark their favorite destinations. Look for a traditional globe and some vintage suitcases in the garage for authenticity.

The food should be inspired by different cuisines. Prepare your favorite ones but don’t forget some Italian pizza, Spanish chorizo, a French onion galette, and the British Victoria sponge cake.

Drinks are an easy one too. You can serve sake from Japan, ouzo from Greece, gin from England. The highlight of the evening is the French champagne at midnight.

6 New Year Resolution Masquerade Party

There is no better way to commit than choosing New Year resolutions. It is a serious matter – I’m telling to my 2021 gym membership that’s hardly ever been used.

I get it, it is not always easy to keep yourself to your New Year’s resolution. Most of us forget about it before the end of January.

This is why dressing up according to your resolution is a fun way to reiterate something you want to achieve in the coming year. This will surely trigger some laughter, even better if you can make it a competition.

For example, if you are aiming to change to a new career at 30, choose a costume that fits your desired industry.

You can choose the decoration to resonate with the future theme. Dress the house up with props of things you want to accomplish or want to own at some point in the future.

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