6 Professions That Have High Demand in Australia

The Australian government launched the Global Talent Independent (GTI) program in 2019 to provide a streamlined pathway for exceptional talents to get permanent residency in Australia. Interested candidates who qualify the given criteria can apply for the Global Talent Independent Program of Australia.

This program is designed to recruit a new, highly skilled task force with exceptional talent and attract more business to Australia. The government aims to boost the economy by increasing the level of local employment and bouncing back after the pandemic. So, if you are interested, continue reading to know about the six professions that are in demand in Australia.

Many are looking forward to this program to get a permanent job and residency in Australia. However, those trying to grab an opportunity to migrate to this country can check out the details in the GTI program on the Department of Home Affairs website.

The top 6 professions that are in demand are:

  1. Skilled and Unskilled Workers

Australia is a first-world country, and many constructions and city planning are in progress in many parts of the country. As a result, there is a heavy requirement of technicians & trade workers in the construction sector. Occupations like carpenter, electricians, plumbers, etc., are the most sought-after jobs.

  1. Nurses & Medical Workers

Several reasons make nurses and medical professionals move to Australia. Healthcare is a growing industry, and many registered healthcare employees will reach their retirement age in a few years. These reasons make the demand even higher for nurses and medical professionals.

  1. Teachers

The teaching profession was already one of the most sought-after jobs in Australia, but this year, it is even more. Teachers have many opportunities in the 2020-2021 academic year, particularly in secondary-level schools in rural areas. The salary packages are very high as compared to other countries. The demand is high because of the increased migration ratio from the past few years. The migrants usually come with their families.

Hence, the need for the education of their children has to be met. The present workforce in the education sector lacks the number to handle the increasing number of enrolments in schools and colleges. Therefore, the need for teachers will continue to increase every year.

  1. Engineers

This profession is not the top ranking in the demand list, but there is always a demand for trained engineers. There are requirements of engineers in industries like automotive, communication, mechanical, electrical, and transportation.

  1. Software Developers/ IT Professionals

IT professionals who possess a diverse skill set, such as UI/UX, front end & back-end designs, customer experience, etc., are the most sought-after jobs in the tech industry.

  1. Farmers

Yes, you read it right. The country needs many kinds of farming throughout the year. In a country where migrants are increasing every year, the need for food also increases. Farming is a sector in which they are finding a workforce shortage, and it may increase in the future.

Australia is so vast and diverse that it makes the country a tourist destination as well. The tourism industry and the industries related to this sector are expanding at high speed. There are going to be several opportunities in these sectors in the coming years. The Global Talent Independent Program aims to attract and bring talents around the world to Australia. With good trade ties with all other countries and a market-friendly regulatory approach, Australia gives exceptional and talented migrants a chance to work and receive permanent residency in the country.

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