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6 questions to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer

If you or your loved ones have faced any issues & harm due to personal injury or medical malpractice, the first thing you should do is to hire or consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer for settlement.

But when you search out to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in USA, you may notice that the market field is crowded with different attorneys. It will be quite difficult for you to decide whom to hire.

So before hiring a lawyer, you should ask some important questions to gain more insights into the lawyer’s work and which ultimately helps you in your decision. As a lawyer will work very closely with you and one needs to be comfortable and feel trust in them. The lawyer must also be fully familiar with the case.

Some of the questions that you should ask before hiring any personal injury lawyer are:

Have you handled similar cases to mine before?

Each personal injury lawsuit is different from another with the involvement of the different persons, circumstances, injury, and places. Even personal injury lawsuits are of different types like car accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractices, and assault. And these categories are further sub-categorized.

Every lawyer needs time to become specialized in the legal process and to get the best results for clients. So never assume that a lawyer must have handled a case like yours before.

Ask every potential lawyer about their experiences, results that will reflect whether the lawyer is well equipped with the right skills or not.

How long will it take to resolve a case like mine?

Although no lawyer can tell you the exact period it will take to resolve the case, you should ask this question to a potential lawyer in order to gain a rough estimate or whether the lawyer is willing to proceed to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

How much does the settlement cost?

An experienced lawyer like a St. Louis personal injury lawyer should have a good estimate of the case’s worth. An attorney can consider various factors including, medical issues, type of injury, liability which might impact the settlement offer.

The settlement should never be too low which will keep you wondering or too high. Do your research well and be aware of fraudulent lawyers who claim unrealistic offers.

What is the fee for my case?

In the USA, most personal injury lawsuits are paid on a contingency basis which means you will only pay when you win the case and get a fair settlement amount. The standard charge for any personal injury cases is 33% of the total sum.

Don’t fall for false claims, do check the qualifications of potential lawyers too before hiring them.

What is my extent to the role of participation in the case?

For your case to have a strong base and to be successful you should be aware of the role you are performing in the case as early as possible. Although the majority of the task should be handled by your lawyer, you know the circumstance of your case better than anyone.

Some plaintiffs want to be totally involved in the case and want to participate in every meeting, where some want to let their lawyers handle everything.

Make sure you discuss everything related to your role in the case with your lawyer so there will be no misunderstanding or miscommunication between both of you.

Who will handle my case?

No matter how great a firm would look alike, you must need this crucial question beforehand. It is very important for you to know who will handle your case, with whom you will discuss, and who will communicate with you about the status of your case.

In most cases, big law firms advertise their best-experienced lawyer but while signing the contract they may provide you with a less experienced lawyer.

In case if the less experienced lawyer will be handling your case, then you must know who will supervise them. Law firms should tell you how their firm handles the case from start to finish and who will handle your case during different stages of the lawsuit.


Working with a best lawyer for personal injury in the USA will ultimately show the success or failure of your case. So choosing the right lawyer should be your utmost priority & don’t make the mistake of thinking that every lawyer and each case is the same.

Asking the above best given question will help you in deciding the right lawyer and prepares you beforehand for your initial consultation.

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