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6 Reasons Why Hiring Node.js Developers Is A Good Idea For Your Web App Development

The increment in the number of websites must be that the interest in web app development has positively taken off as of late. The additional time a task takes, the costlier it normally becomes. Over the past few years, Node.js has made a name for itself by becoming one of the finest and powerful solutions for developing REST APIS, mobile apps, web apps, etc.

It extensively works on the errand of web app development, offering a lot to Node Js developers. It compensates for an ideal decision for the companies hoping to focus on the constant web app and cross-platform runtime climate. The JavaScript support bodes well why developers are utilizing Node js for web development that comes packaged with the most recent provisions. For example, permitting developers to attach organizing tools and web servers.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is nothing but a cross-platform environment that allows developers to run JavaScript without any hassle. Node.js gives the constant two-way perfect correspondence between the customer side and server-side. It conveys the responsibility between the customer and the developer company.

Basically, companies and numerous developers pick Node.js because of its help with JavaScript and present-day features. 43% of Node.js developers use it for big business apps and 85% use it primarily for web app development.

Some Facts About Node.js

  • js is an open-source environment
  • js is free
  • 500k downloads every day on a normal basis
  • js utilizes JavaScript on the server-side
  • 5 million+ developers work with Node.js
  • 80% of Node.js developers have more than 3 years of involvement

Why Choose Node.js For Web App Development?

1.     It Allows Easy Sharing

Simple sharing is conceivable with Node.js controlling the proximity of the NPM (Node Package Manager) by revealing it. This is a significant motivation behind why top app development companies are inclined toward taking on Node.js. Top mobile app development companies realize that this will accelerate their task development. Node.js develop. The storage facility of more than 50,000 packs assists developers with making important requirements before beginning the undertaking. This assists them with sharing, revive and even reusing the code easily. Node.js for frontend developers know their way around.

2.     Quick moving

Loaded with V8 motors controlled by Google, Node.js incorporates JavaScript into a local machine code that gives amazingly quick execution. This is the justification for why it can accelerate any framework. companies hoping to hire dedicated Node.js developers from India can hope to foster quick and adaptable company web apps that can deal with different equal associations. For instance, PayPal essentially decreased the reaction time to 35% and oversaw twofold the measure of solicitations/second with Node.js apps. Truth be told, both PayPal and Netflix saw huge outcomes in execution and monetarily after executing Node.js development.

3.     It Gives Long-Term Support

Each arrival of Node.js gets kept up with effectively for the following eighteen months from the date of its inclining to Long-Term Support. Practically 62% of developers think about long-haul support for the web app, and Node.js is an ideal choice for the developers to stay aware of an app.

4.     It Enables Easier Data Streaming

Achieved app development would require top-of-the-line I/O the board. This gets convoluted with web frameworks that take HTTP0 reactions and solicitations as complete information objects. This is the place where Node.js is used as it can deal with such an I/O strategy that empowers users to transcode media documents simultaneously when they are getting transferred. Plus, perusing and composing streams to WebSockets permits the service of such HTTP all the more easily.

5.     Savvy

Building web apps utilizing Node.js doesn’t need an immense piece of your speculation. Since Node.js is quicker than other development conditions, it can diminish development costs by 56%. Node.js top app development companies end developers can make it possible.

6.     Being SEO Friendly

Website development kind disposition is a significant job for every business to make due in the quick computerized world. The back end delivering through Node.js expands the commitment and perceivability of a site. The rapid and upgraded execution of Node.js likewise adds to further developing the SEO probabilities alongside quality client experience.

Node.js assists with working on the yield of a development project as far as its libraries and provisions.. You can discover tools that accentuate further developing a web development venture’s work rate. In the 2018 Node.js User Survey Report, it is expressed that Node.js can further develop business efficiency monstrously.


The previously mentioned reasons demonstrate that Node.js is a powerful option in developing a web app. In case you are searching for an uncommon platform to create mobile, proficient, and quicker web apps, then, at that point, Node.js may simply be the most ideal decision. It very well may be for programming drones/robots, creating complex ongoing gaming web apps, or developing an IoT-based app, you get every one of the advantages from this tech stack. With the development of time, an ever-increasing number of companies have begun embracing Node.js development benefits and have wound up with substantial outcomes. We additionally have Expertise in numerous sound, video real-time technologies, and servers. Moon Technolabs is one such mobile app development company that sort of has it all. We provide .Net, J2EE, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and NodeJs. We have created over +150 mobile web apps on a JavaScript stack that incorporates business entryways, interpersonal company, online business gateway, and so on We realize the best web stack for building your new product and will assist you with picking the developments to go with dependent on your company objectives, necessities, and assets you have. So, choose wisely.

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