6 Ways to Preserve Opened Wine | 5 Tips to Keep It Tasteful Flavor

Are you looking for effective tips or useful ideas that can help you save the freshness of your opened wine bottle? You are at the right place! Because we have got great wine preservation ways that can maintain the tasteful flavors of your ‘left over’ or ‘unfinished’ bottle.

Unless you have friends or family over your house for dinner or a party, gulping down an entire bottle seems impossible.

Of course, that’s not the case if you decide to sip on the beverage just for the sake of finishing it.

Well, it’s such a bummer if the aroma and flavors of your expensive or precious opened wine go to waste. Say no more! And, you don’t need to be a sommelier to increase the longevity and life of your favorite wine.

According to a wine expert’s podcast, with proper preservations tips, one can save their favorite wine bottle and tons of money.

But before we dive deep into wine preservation, let’s find out the sole reason for the changing flavors.

Disclaimer: If you tend to store your wine or whiskey in the freezer, this guide is perfect for you!

Why The Taste & Aroma of Opened Wine Changes?

The heavenly taste and magical aroma of the wine are created by fermenting with controlled oxygen exposure.

When a bottle is opened, it is further exposed to oxygen, enhancing the flavors and aroma. However, the levels increase when left uncapped for a long time outside the wine cellar, turning it into a bitter vinegar-like drink.

High Oxygen Exposure is a No-No!

Oxygen level, aeration, light, and heat are the true game-changers for maintaining the wine’s flavors, aroma, and longevity.

Importance of Properly Preserving the Wine:

We all know wines must be stored in a specific and appropriate manner. But not all of us are aware of the right way to do it. And not to mention the reason why preserving is important for the long life of your bottle.

Firstly, wasting your expensive and delicate wine is such a disaster. Secondly, you might not get to experience the same freshness and sweetness once it goes bad.

Even if you get to buy wine online that tastes similar to your favorite bottle without preservation, it can be a disaster. Yes, if you don’t know how to store and preserve the opened bottle, it will surely be a waste.

So, let’s find out how you can preserve wine to keep its deliciousness last forever.

5 Effective Ways to Preserve Opened Wine

Bottled wine is also in a state of a continuous flavor change. So, one can imagine how much transformation an opened wine must be experiencing.

Here we have listed some of the ways to divert the changes for a good purpose:

1.      Minimize the Air Exposure

The basic tip you can follow is never to leave it open for a long time. For instance, you had a sip but left the rim without putting the cork back.

So, even if you just want to taste-test the wine, you must re-cork it immediately to minimize the oxygen exposure.

Re-corking the bottle can be your go-to step to maintain the freshness of the wine.

1.      Prefer Darkness Over Light

When it comes to wine preservation, light exposure is also another factor second to aeration. High radiation can rot the flavors, so it is necessary to keep them in a dark place.

Also, place it away from a bright direct light spot as it may break the compound molecules needed for its freshness.

According to the reviewed, you can save wine costs if you follow basic preserving and buying rules.

2.      Limit the Surface Area

What does it mean to control the surface area of wine storage? Does it really matter? To say it is one of the wine myths that the position isn’t that necessary.

Avoiding the sideways position can help in slowing and minimizing the oxidation. Yes, in simple words, it means to keep the bottle in an upright manner.

Keep it Upright & Avoid Sideways.

3.      Balance the Humidity & Moisture Level

It doesn’t have a direct relation with wine flavor but with the deterioration of the cork. Wineguardian explains how it can affect the taste, integrity, and aroma of the stored bottle.

The ideal humidity should be 50% to 70%. The dry air can shrink the outside of the cork to rot or crack, contaminating the inside wine.

And, of course, a spoiled wine is of no use even for mocktails and cocktails

1.      Maintain The Coldness & Temperature

Like storing leftover pasta, pizza dough, or any food, wine preservation also needs a specific temperature range.

Of course, you can prefer to keep it in your home freezer, but how will you control the temperature in it? So, no, it is not good for long-term preservation.

Yes, you can make it low or high, but you can’t set it at the optimal temperature of 12°C and 15°C (55°F to 59°F) for the wine. So, it is a must to choose a place where it can have the same coldness it needs to maintain its freshness.

Bonus: Click to find steps for a DIY Wine Cooler.

Ideal temperature will slow down the process of changing!

2.      Avoid Fluctuations

Last but not least on our list is the thing you must follow. And that is to avoid rapid fluctuation in the temperature, humidity, light, or position of the wine storage.

Vigilantinc explains how an environment can affect the wine. Moreover, continuous fluctuation of the stability of the place and wine preservation conditions may promote bad things.

5 Best Tips to Keep It Tasteful Forever

Before ending the helpful guide, here are some basic tips you can follow for wine preservation:

  • Preserve the wine in a proper ventilated and odor-free (pungent smells) atmosphere
  • Keep half-sized airtight bottles (find a detailed guide by wsetglobal on shapes of wine bottles)
  • Maintain the optimal conditions for the storage
  • Don’t leave an opened wine at a room temperature
  • Invest in good preservation or reseal bottle tool

Note: Click to read the research of the bustle on top wine preservation systems.

Final Verdict

There you have it, a complete and factual wine preservation guide with effective ways and best tips to store your favorite wine. If you follow the above-mentioned basic steps, you will get to taste the freshness of the wine for a long time.

Happy drinking, wine-lovers!

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