7 Buying Factors of Alcove Bathtub You Must Know

7 Buying Factors of Alcove Bathtub You Must Know

After a tough day, taking a bath might be the ultimate way of relaxation, but getting the right alcove bathtub that meets your needs could be difficult. Bathtubs are made of different materials, come in different dimensions and shapes, and thus, you must make the right choice to avoid regrets later.

It is wise to ask questions on the type of alcove bathtub you need to buy before purchasing. Here is a bathtub buying guide that can help you find one that fits your home and preferences.

  • Decide On the Style

Many bathtub styles can fit in any bathroom, but the emphasis should be on the space and material. The bathroom space will determine the bathtub style, such as the inclined, oval, freestanding style also deep soaking alcove bathtub. Although the bathtub should be complementary to the bathroom space, the materials should influence your bathtub style.

  • Choose the Material

You should consider the bathtub material’s price and comfort; every material will have a different texture and feel different to touch. You should test the comfort of the materials as coziness is important to enjoy relaxing in your soaking bathtub.

You might notice that the most cozy bathtub materials are pricey and are a bit heavier, and you should know that your bathroom can handle them before purchasing. Fiberglass is the cheapest and least comfortable bathtub material and is made of reinforced plastic sheets molded into the bathtub’s shape.

On the other hand, porcelain bathtubs are made of cast iron or stamped steel with porcelain layers. Although they are non-porous, they might be delicate to impact as they can easily get dents and blemishes due to impact.

Acrylic alcove bathtubs and ceramic bathtubs are made of petrochemicals and ceramic tiles, respectively and are very practical. However, the stone resin bathtub is made of natural stone and will give you the feeling of nature, and it is affordable, durable and offers heat retention.

  • Consider the Size of the alcoveBathtub

Size is important as it should complement your home; if you have a larger bathroom, it would be practical to opt for a larger bathtub, while a smaller bathroom would need a smaller bathtub.

Even if you have space to accommodate a larger bathtub, you should think about the energy bills. A larger alcove soaking bathtub will require more water to fill and could use more energy to warm the water. However, if you enjoy a more comfortable soak, you can opt for a large bathtub.

  • Consider the Weight of the Bathtub

The bathtub’s weight will determine its position in the bathroom; moreover, heavier materials might exert pressure on your home floor.

Although the most desirable bathtub materials such as natural stone copper are comfortable and more durable, they are heavier. If you choose to purchase these heavier materials, you can reinforce your floor to sustain the floor’s weight.

  • Installation

Installing the bathtub can be complicated depending on the type and size of the bathtub, and it is wise to know which style will be easier and complicated.

The complexity or ease of installation varies from the material used and weight of the bathtub, and it might be wise to have it installed by a professional.

  • Price

The bathtub price will depend on the materials and style, and before you settle on a given alcove bathtub style, you should calculate the average cost you will incur. The first cost you should consider is the price per material, and the lightweight materials will be less costly than heavy bathtub materials.

Another cost is the price per style, as different styles will have different costs based on their sizes.

  • Lifestyle

Consider the people who will be using the bathtub; for instance, a taller and longer bathtub might not be apt for young children and the elderly. Although the bathtub should make a statement, it should be practical, and you should keep in mind the height of the folks using the bathtub and physical shortcomings.

The Bottom Line

Choosing an alcove bathtub might be challenging as there are many things you should consider. This bathtub buying guide can help shed light on the considerations you should make. First, you should consider the type and size of the bathtub that will suit your home.

Moreover, it is wise to have a practical bathtub that suits people’s needs using it. Furthermore, you should consider the cost incurred by buying the alcove bathtub and installing the bathtub.


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