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7 Cargo Pants STYLE TIPS That Should Not Go Unnoticed!

Cargo pants can be a great alternative to jeans, however there are some styling rules to follow. Your cargo pants should not look like you are going on an expedition. But at the same time, they don’t have to be boring and drab either. Here are La Haute black cargo STYLE TIPS That Should Not Go Unnoticed! This is a long post, so you might want to grab a snack before reading. Enjoy!

  1. Contrast

The first thing that you should do with your cargo pants is add some contrast to it. You can achieve this by wearing a color in your shirt or jacket that stands out against your pants. You can also wear a colored in your socks or shoes that contrasts with your pants. If you are going with the former, avoid wearing all black as it tends to make one look slimmer than they really are (unless you are really slim).

  1. Bare Ankles

Cargo pants look best when paired with boots or sneakers, but if you plan on wearing them with sneakers then make sure that they fit properly because otherwise they will look sloppy and baggy (as pictured above).

  1. Size Up

Cargo pants aren’t made to fit tightly like slim jeans or slim khakis are — they’re not supposed to hug your body in any way. Instead, they should sit loosely around the waist and hips and then be very roomy around the legs. You should be able to fit an entire hand into one leg opening without any problems.

  1. Back Pockets

From the front, these look like any other pair of cargo pants, but turn around and you’ll see that they’re way more interesting than they appear. They actually feature an elastic waistband, which is a nice detail that gives them a bit of a modern feel.

The back pockets are also cut shorter than the front ones. This gives them an added sense of style and makes them stand out even more against the rest of the pair.

The fit is slim but not tight, so there’s no concern about having to squeeze into them. If anything, you might want to size up if you plan on layering underneath them like I did with my sweater.

  1. Tuck In aT-Shirt

Cargo pants can be worn with any kind of top – whether it’s a classic t-shirt or a silky blouse, cargo pants go with anything! The secret is to tuck in the shirt so that you avoid getting the baggy look. Keep the shirt tucked in until right below the top of your hips and then let it hang free. This will make the bottom part of your shirt hang down straight and flat instead of looking baggy on your legs. Have fun playing around with different shirt styles!

  1. Find A Pair That Flattens Your Front

You want to look like you have an actual butt, right? Well, cargo pants with a slim fit will do just that. You’ll also want to get a pair that doesn’t go below your crotch or past the knee since they can make your legs look shorter.

  1. Look For Comfortable Buttons

You don’t want a pair of cargo pants that are too tight because it could restrict your movement while exercising or playing sports. You also don’t want them to be too loose because it may make you look bigger than you actually are. Look for buttons that are flat so they won’t show through your shirt and try to get a pair that has two or three buttons instead of four or five.

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