7 Qualities to Look For In Your Paraquat Lawsuit Lawyer

Paraquat is one of the most toxic herbicides used for killing the extra weed in crops. Though it is banned in more than 32 countries, it’s still legal in the U.S, and its rising use is alarming. People exposed to this toxic herbicide run the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Hence it’s essential to file a lawsuit if they have been adversely affected by the chemical. A professional paraquat lawsuit lawyer can legally represent you and guide you through the whole process. But how do you find the top lawyer to represent you? Don’t worry! Here are seven qualities to look for in your paraquat lawsuit attorney.



Your lawyer has to be highly professional in their work, as it’s a matter of life and death for you or your loved one. Paraquat poisoning can lead to severe organ damage and Parkinson’s disease. Your entire life depends on whether you win your lawsuit or not. Even if you get the settlement, it should be fair enough to compensate you for your physical and emotional troubles and difficulties caused by paraquat.


Professionalism is not just another word; it represents the distinguished actions and behaviors that show that the lawyer is highly ambitious and cares for their clients. Here are some of the things that a professional lawyer must have:

  • Effectively use the information, facts, and knowledge about the case in your favor
  • Protects client’s best interests
  • Always punctual for the meetings
  • Return calls and client communications on time
  • Always maintains their composure
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Does prompt follow-ups



It’s essential to hire a lawyer that has experience in similar lawsuits. It would not make sense to hire a lawyer specializing in divorce if you are looking to file a paraquat lawsuit. The paraquat lawsuit lawyer would have immense knowledge about the scenario, previous and ongoing cases, stakeholders in the lawsuits, and plan the strategies. Hiring a specialty lawyer will ensure you get the best legal representation and the highest possibility of winning the case or getting the best possible settlement.


Experienced lawyers know the tricks of the trade when it comes to fighting lawsuits. They have command over their statement delivery, fact research, and documentation. Their years of practice hone them into a highly functional legal guru who can intelligently tackle any argument in the court. Sadly, a new lawyer cannot do all this. They might struggle to put your case in front of the court due to their lack of experience. You cannot risk your whole case on someone who hasn’t developed their skills and confidence yet.

Communication skills

Your lawyer should be a good communicator. Legal proceedings involve a lot of things that need to be managed on time. Whether it’s document submission or evidence filing, your lawyer needs to communicate all the details with you. They should also maintain transparency in communication.

It’s also essential to understand that your lawyer is paid to communicate with the different stakeholders of the case. That is why you need to hire an attorney who can answer all your questions and doubts and keep you updated with your case’s significant developments without fail.

It can be difficult for you to understand the legal jargon. Therefore, your lawyer should also explain different legal details in layman terms. They should also understand which ways of communication are appropriate for different situations. A call can be okay to update the next day’s meeting, but they should share the essential documents in person or on the official email.

Research skills

Your paraquat lawsuit lawyer needs to have high research skills. Paraquat poisoning involves different symptoms, and the regulations proposed by the EPA should be thoroughly studied to have leverage over the opposition.

If you decide to go with a big law firm, they will have more resources to conduct in-depth case research. They are also more likely to have an information retrieval system to extract useful information from different sources efficiently.


Whether you decide to go with an individual lawyer or a law firm, the location should be suitable for your case. You need to consider the legislation of the case and ease of commute for court hearings and meetings while choosing your attorney.


The nature of your legal situation will determine the size of the firm you hire. A more prominent firm may have more ability to handle complex cases or surges in caseload and multiple offices to handle matters across the country. They have a network of domain experts and legal professionals who can contribute their knowledge to your case.

Paraquat poisoning is a serious issue faced by numerous people. It is essential to hire the proper legal representation to win the case or get the best settlement.



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