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7 Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

Nowadays it is rare for a business not to take advantage of the easy marketing social media provides. That doesn’t mean that they all get it right – it takes consistent, engaging content to build a brand image. If you are ready to promote your business by creating a great social media image, then here are seven post ideas to get you started.

  1. Post Your Pet

Most people associate pets with happiness, so by posting your pet, the viewers will associate your brand with a positive message. Not only that, but you will also give your social media followers a glimpse into your personal life without posting anything too private such as your children or other members of your family.

If you take great care of your pet by going to easyvet and grooming them often, then they could even become your business’s little mascot!

  1. Blog Posts

Posting content on your business’s website is a great way to gain traffic, and you can link them to your social media sites. Choose catchy titles that include tips and tricks to gain more attention and appeal to more people.

  1. Praise Other Businesses

While you should focus on promoting your own business, it doesn’t hurt to sing some praise for others now and again, but avoid direct competition! By doing this, you will come across as a kinder brand that enjoys other people’s products as much as your own.

  1. Current Memes 

If you want to stay up to date with your viewers, stay in touch with current internet culture and post memes on your social media sites. You don’t have to come up with the funniest meme ever – hopping on a popular one and tailoring it to your business/post will do. Don’t go overboard with this unless you’re dedicated to keeping up, though, as it could appear too try-hard!

  1. Contests

An easy way to gain loads of clicks is by hosting a contest. Simply send a post out with the details. You could offer three random people who comment and like your page a freebie and then watch the clicks and the likes roll in. In the end, you’ll receive a lot more than what you give out.

  1. Videos

Videos are much more engaging than long text, so when you can, try to post videos to your viewers. The kind of video is entirely up to you, but make it relevant to your business and your audience.

If you have never made a video before, look for some high-quality equipment for a reasonable price, and learn some basic editing skills. The better the video you put out, the better the brand image your business will have.

  1. A Personal Post 

A personal post will help your audience connect with you, so show them that you are more than just a logo and a business name. You could share moments of your journey from where you started to where you are now, allowing your audience a glimpse into life behind the scenes.

Using social media correctly will create a positive brand image and grow the number of customers flocking to your site.

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