7 Steps to Becoming the Fastest TikTok Idol

Are you using TikTok and wondering how all the creators manage to attract such a large following? You must have thought that you too can make a splash and become a hot TikToker.

Currently, TikTok is considered the fastest growing social media platform with nearly 700 million users as of January 2021. Therefore, TikTok is the perfect place for anyone looking to produce creative content, personal branding and grow their business. 

TikTok is an ideal platform for self-development in the present. So now let’s dive into how to be famous on TikTok! 

How to become famous TikTok in 7 steps

Being famous on TikTok is both easy and difficult. If you create interesting content and are lucky enough to be promoted by TikTok, you will quickly become famous, but sometimes things don’t go as expected. However, to make it easier, you should follow the 7 steps below.

Step 1: Choose a niche

You need to choose a niche for yourself to develop. Create similar content on a fixed topic because when a user watches your first video, they will want to see similar content

The niche you pursue doesn’t have to be so rigid. sometimes you can get out of it to join a trend or trend. You’ll need to create a large amount of content, so your niche should be something you have a lot of ideas around and something you’ll find a lot of ideas for. 

Step 2: Plan Your Content

Before you start posting on TikTok, spend some time watching videos of similar content-oriented TikTokers and gathering ideas. You need to think about video formats, video content, recording time, posting time, music genre, accompanying costumes, how many seconds long.

To avoid running out of ideas, in your daily life or while surfing TikTok, you need to quickly write that idea into your plan. Thus, after a while, you will have a relative stock of ideas so you can be creative.

Step 3: Create a video posting schedule with consistent content

Consistent content is a real concern. You can’t post different content on TikTok because users will have a hard time visualizing you. 

Regular posting is a necessity, creating a specific posting time. You can post 1-2 videos a day but not too much. What you need to do is create really quality and consistent content and then post it at certain time slots. The remaining problem is handled by the TikTok algorithm.

If you still find it challenging, try creating your content in batches to save time. 

Step 4: Combine Video with Duet and Stitch Features

One of the reasons why TikTok is so popular in the world is because it gives people so many opportunities to interact with people’s content. You can use features like Duet and Stitch combined in your videos to showcase your content to an audience of other users, thereby helping to increase your reach. 

In some cases, if you want to combine other users’ videos but want to edit the content more interesting, choose a TikTok downloader like: Tikmate.online or SnapTik.App to download the other user’s videos without watermark. You can then crop and edit to make a difference.

Why do you need to download video TikTok without a watermark? If in your case you are not Duet directly on the platform, leaving watermarks and other users’ IDs in your videos may mislead TikTok as you are stealing content.

Step 5: Join the Trends

You’ve created consistent and quality content, but you also need to take care of hot issues on social media platforms. Your chances of exploding skyrocket when you use a trending sound, a trending effect, or a trending hashtag. This happens because people often follow a series of videos related to a single trend. From there, your video will have a greater chance of being discovered. 

Therefore, try to match your niche with trending content. You can jump on a trend, but aim your own at it so your content doesn’t deviate from its original goal. 

Step 6: Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used on TikTok slightly differently than on other social platforms. The TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to help categorize your content and show it to the appropriate audience. 

That’s why when posting content, you need three to four # tags that are relevant to your video content, your niche, and most similar creators. 

Step 7: Pay Attention to Analytics

Unlike other platforms, TikTok has a built-in analytics feature that will let you know exactly when your audience is most active, so you can schedule for their posts at the time when they are most likely to get the best engagement. 

You can also use analytics to see how your previous videos have performed and test different tactics. From there, you can try and create success with your next videos. 

How to Get Views on TikTok

Unlike other social media platforms, you don’t need to have any followers to start getting noticed on TikTok. If your content is interesting it will be actively distributed by TikTok. From there, they will be visible to a lot of people who have never seen or heard of you!

TikTok’s algorithm works according to a fixed process. When you first post your video, it will be visible to a small group of users. Based on how this subgroup reacts to your videos like the number of likes, comments and shares. The algorithm will then be able to see if the video is worth showing to others. If your video consistently gets good interactions, it will go viral on TikTok.

TikTok’s ultimate goal is to keep users on the app for as long as possible, so it’s natural for videos that the algorithm delivers to help users stay on the platform as long as possible. 

Why is TikTok hot? Because the videos we watch on TikTok are funny, entertaining, educational, relatable, impressive, or surprising. The effect is amplified when the user checks the comments and sees that others feel the same way, thereby creating a sense of community and spreading the video. 

The famous TikToker you might be inspired by

  1. Khaby Lame is the first TikToker we want to talk about. The guy became famous with videos shot at home, needless to say a word and using only a fairly old smartphone. However, it was precisely because he didn’t say a word that focusing on facial expressions seemed to be the key to Khaby’s success. People love to watch the guy “hack” as opposed to the silly “life hack” with complicated solutions to a simple problem. And what’s more, before the video ends, Khaby has a characteristic eye roll and hand gesture, as if responding to “Why don’t you guys do this?”
  2. @partyshirt is a TikToker who regularly tries life hacks shared on TikTok to see which ones are real and which ones are fake. It’s the thrill of finding out if something really works that keeps people coming back to see more.
  3. @jaxwritesongs is the last TikToker I want to talk about. A good singer-songwriter who specializes in writing hilarious remixes and responses to popular songs. Not only that, her original songs are extremely easy to listen to and catchy. 

So, we want to tell you that each of these creators has found something they enjoy doing and something that provokes a strong reaction from their viewers. They don’t have to be a celebrity or really talented like a singer, dancer, chef, or child prodigy. They are just ordinary people.


The article introduced you to 7 specific steps to quickly become a hot TikToker. The biggest advice to becoming famous on TikTok is to stay creative and not give up too soon. It may take some time and dedication, but if you follow these seven steps and stay consistent, you’ll be on your way to becoming a TikTok star! 

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