7 Tips on Choosing a Home Health Care Service

For old people or anyone in serious need of professional medical help, there is nothing better than a home health care service that allows one to get treated in the comfort of home while being surrounded by those they love.

Juggling with work, family, and then taking care of a sick parent, spouse or child can take a toll on people. This is why it’s always okay to seek help from a nurse or health care provider.

Sending off parents to an old age house may be a difficult decision. So, if you want to keep them nearby, why not choose a home health care service to ensure they’re in good hands while you’re out working or running errands? Plus, being secluded and driven away from loved ones could make the illness worse. Being around family could be one of the best medicines for patients!

But before you choose a home health care service, make sure the nurse or provider can help the patient do everyday tasks such as preparing meals, going out for walks, taking a bath, and dressing.

Here’s a guide on how to make the right choice when hiring a home health care service:

  1.  What are your health care needs?

Make sure the needs of the patient are compatible with the house health care service you hire.

Defining your needs and limitations can be helpful in choosing the right services. Do you need a medical worker? Usually, the severeness of the patient’s illness can be guidance in deciding this. If you’re looking for someone to assist an aged parent with limited mobility or basic needs, you may not need a highly specialized health care provider.

2. How personalized is the care plan?

Each patient has different health care needs and requires different levels of care. Is the agency in question capable of providing a personalized care plan specific to the needs of the patient in your care? The more bendable the care plan is, the more satisfied your loved one will be. After all, emergencies can come up at any time.

3. Qualifications and experience 

Finding out how much training has been provided to the caregiver can help you choose the right agency. Experience is key when hiring a home health care service. An undertrained caregiver can increase the risk to life rather than helping improve the health of the patient.

A criminal background check is also necessary to ensure the safety of your loved one and everyone near them. Plus, in your absence, anything could go wrong so it’s best to ensure that the caregiver has not been accused of abusive behavior in the past or been involved in criminal activities. Remember, the caregiver will become a part of your household so choose after proper screening. Ask for proper certifications and credentials from the appropriate field to ensure quality service.

Don’t forget to ask about the follow-up procedure. Does the agency keep a check on workers? How much does it monitor the caregivers and does it provide continuous training to employees to keep them updated?

4. Cost 

A very important factor to consider when deciding to choose a home health care service is its cost.

An average home health care service is cheaper than the typical hospital care but expenses still need to be carefully weighed and calculated when choosing a home health care service to relieve patients from unnecessary burden.

A huge benefit that home health care provides that gives it an upper hand over the hospital’s high costs is that it relieves patients from caregiver burnout and provides effective quality service at affordable market rates.

The home health care services are also specifically catered to your medical needs and so you only end up paying for advanced services that you require, however; a thorough check is still required in the market to choose providers delivering such service at the best and most affordable rates.

5. Check references 

To be completely sure you’re hiring the right person and agency, ask for a reference from past employers. Also, ask around and see if anyone in your circle has experience with the particular agency in question. The best way to be assured of the quality of services is to receive references from a healthcare professional.

6.Some questions to ask before you make the choice

  • How able is the care provider to deal with emergencies?
  • Does the caregiver understand the patient’s needs?
  • Is the caregiver ready to provide 24/7 services?
  • How much involvement is required from family members?
  • Can the caregiver help the patient bath given that mobility is limited?

7.Are you satisfied with the health care provider?

Make sure you keep a regular check on the caregiver. Always identify the person of authority to whom you can complain if need be. It’s also best to keep your loved one’s doctor involved in the process.


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