7 types of movie-watchers – which one are you

7 types of movie-watchers – which one are you?

As the lockdown continues and we find ourselves still stuck indoors with lots of time to binge watch our favourite TV shows and series, a really good movie is always welcome time and again to break the TV bender.

As interesting as anything you’re watching may be, there is always that one person who interrupts either by crying or yawning or just yapping through the scenes. But hang on, sometimes we are that person. Movies, especially, have a way of gripping our emotions in the short period we are exposed to the characters and their way of life; we immerse ourselves in this fantasy world and find ourselves in their shoes feeling what they are feeling.

We have identified 7 types of movie watchers based on the characteristics we exhibit when watching. Can you recognize which one you are?

1. The Foodie

This person will bring all the snacks to the movie. They are the type to have looked up the Publix weekly ad preview and bought the 3 for $10 Talenti Gelato to eat after an Italian pizza and popcorn with a slushie on the side.  Besides the chewing and slurping noises, the foodie will generally concentrate on the movie till the end.

2. The Commentator

This guy will talk and talk non-stop. They will comment on the character’s dressing and how that colour doesn’t go with their hair just like Suzzie in movie X who did A, B, C… Oftentimes, you are so distracted by what they are saying that you end up getting bits and pieces of the story-line and miss the best dialogue.

3. The Confused Questioner

Ever watched a movie with your grandma and she kept asking what’s happening or why the lady who just lost her son is crying? This person, like grandma, will have a hazy look on their face, and they will just look baffled, no matter how obvious some scenes may be. If you dare explain, you will find yourself two hours later, movie finished, and you have no idea who the main character was or what really happened the whole time.

4. The one who is excited by everything

This is the guy who will jump out of his seat and yell ‘booyah!’ when the villain has been struck by our superhero. He will even do a victory dance.  He is easily excitable and will definitely respond with a grin or soft-chuckle when there’s a clever remark at the anti-hero.

The one who is excited by everything

5. The Ugly Crier

Slightly sappy, sad, or nostalgic movie? Bring out the box of tissues for this person. They will cry at every exceptionally sad bit, and when the happy ending finally comes, they will bowl-over. If it does, this is one you would want to stream and watch away from the crier because Tom Hanks plays the last man on earth who is terminally ill and has only the company of a robot and a dog…tear-jerking, right!

6. The Sleeper

Not even 5 minutes into the movie and this person is half-dead. They may wake -up half-way through and ask you what they missed. If you indulge them, careful you won’t lull them into an even deeper slumber than before. Rather you enjoy the movie, then go -to- town describing it when it’s done.

7. The Future Director

This guy is here for more than the entertaining characters in the movie. He will silently analyze the camera angles, the lighting, the entire script and every gesture made by individual characters. He is the guy that may even take notes and surprise you in the near future when he is now behind the camera directing a movie.

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