8 Reasons Online Escape Games Are the Perfect Team Building Activity

Escape rooms are growing in popularity at a rapid pace. One of the most recent industry statistics to take hold is the growth of online escape games that make the fun of escape rooms available from remote locations.

If you’re looking for a team-building activity for your office, wedding party, or any other group that could use some genuine bonding, online escape room in Glasgow are a great answer.

Not only do online escape room games not require travel, but they also encourage teamwork, communication, and more.

Read on for eight key reasons that playing an online escape game is the perfect team-building activity.

1. Online Escape Games Put You in Unique Settings

This one is particularly important for coworkers. Online escape games like this escape room Gatlinburg offers takes everyone out of their usual setting (e.g. the office) and puts them somewhere totally unique.

Building a strong connection with others isn’t always easy when you only see each other in a certain context. For example, at work people are focused on the tasks in front of them. By changing up the setting, you give people a chance to focus on one another, rather than on their day-to-day duties.

2. Escape Games Require Strong Communication

No escape game is solved by a group of people who are all operating independently. Escape games require that you find clues and solve puzzles in order to succeed. That means that everyone needs to have all of the information possible, and they can’t find it alone.

Playing escape games requires communication. You have to talk with one another, explain what you think is happening, and work together to make sense of all the little details you collect along the way.

3. Escape Games Require Strategizing

In addition to communication, escape rooms require strategy. You’re fighting against the clock in an escape room, which means that you have to make the most of every minute you have to solve the mystery!

Strategizing in an escape room can entail delegating certain tasks to certain people, moving through the mystery in a certain order, and figuring out when to move quickly and when to slow down and think. These are all skills that translate well to any group dynamic.

4. Escape Games Highlight Hidden Skills

In your day-to-day life, you probably see other people in a certain light based on what you expect from them. In an escape room, every person has a chance to break out of their own box and shine in a new way. If you’re looking to foster a positive company culture, taking notice of your coworkers’ hidden skills is a great way to do so.

5. Escape Games Allow You to Succeed or Fail Without the Pressure

Whether you’re solving the mystery with your coworkers or the other members of a wedding party, you can benefit from the overall lack of pressure to succeed. Normally, you are all working toward the same end goal and success is a requirement of the job. In an escape room, there are no real consequences to failing, which means that you can use your problem-solving skills while also letting loose and having fun together.

6. Escape Games Encourage Creativity

Playing an escape game is a great way to engage your brain in a new and exciting way. Escape game creators are always looking for new ways to challenge their players, which means that you’re going to have a totally unique experience every time you play.

The more you play escape games with your team, the more you collectively engage in the creative parts of the brain. Once again, this will help hidden talents come to light, but it will also help us bring new and clever ways of thinking back to our daily lives.

7. Escape Games Boost Morale

Escape games have a way of making us feel good. Building stronger connections with the people in our lives helps us to feel happier and more fulfilled on a daily level. Plus, solving those challenging puzzles has a unique way of lighting up the reward centers in our brain that make us feel exhilarated!

If things have been getting tense–or have stagnated in any way–within your group, playing an escape game together is a great reset. By allowing everyone to have a good time together, you foster a positive group dynamic that will last for weeks to come.

8. Online Escape Games Can Be Played from Anywhere

When you ask team leaders what stops them from planning team-building activities, they often state that they don’t want to take up their team members’ free time. Asking people to travel and meet up in a specific location isn’t always comfortable. It can also be difficult to coordinate a time when everyone is free to do so.

Planning an afternoon or evening in an online escape room presents a feasible solution to this problem. Online escape rooms can be joined from anywhere that a person has a computer or tablet and an internet connection. This makes it much less taxing for your team members to join in the fun and much easier to coordinate a time that works for everyone!

Sign Your Team Up For Online Escape Games Today

If you’re looking for a great team-building activity that will strengthen the bonds of your office, wedding party, or other groups, online escape games are a great option. They’re fun and challenging, encourage communication and strategizing, and alleviate the pressure your team may feel when working together on a normal basis. Sign up today and boost your team’s morale!

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