Brighten Your Home

9 Easy Ways You Can Brighten Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important elements in your interiors. In addition to lending a feeling of spaciousness, adequate lighting also impacts your mood. If you are looking for ways to give your home a glow-up, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’re sharing ways you can maximise natural lighting as well as make the most of fabricated lighting to make your home a bright haven. Let’s dive in.

Clear Off Windows

Whether you have furniture blocking off or facing away from windows, it’s time to rearrange the room. Plan a layout that focuses on windows. Maximising natural light will make your space look larger and, at the same time, help you reduce your energy consumption. This is also a convenient way to warm up your home during colder months.

Choose Sheer Window Treatments

Heavy drapes and blinds will block natural light from entering your home. It’s time to put up light and sheer curtains that give your interiors a dreamy look. Our top fabrics for curtains include linen, eyelet cotton, lace voile, muslin and gauze. We also suggest sticking to natural and neutral colours.

Illuminate Dark Corners

Don’t stress if you are working with a room that doesn’t get enough sunlight. It’s possible to recreate a similar ambience with various lighting fixtures. In particular, we recommend illuminating dark corners with soft light lamps. Apart from providing much-needed light, lamps can also serve as a chic piece of decor.

Since additional lighting fixtures will likely increase your electricity bills, it’s a good idea to compare energy plans and switch to a better-priced option.

Switch Dull Wall Colours

As walls make up a significant surface area of a room, painting them a neutral shade is the easiest way to brighten up the space. Light French Grey, Alabaster, Stone Grey, Beige, Taupe, Pistachio and Blush are a few of our favourite shades.

There is no need to worry about your space looking boring. You can always enhance the interiors with vibrant and eye-catching decor.

Strategically Hang Mirrors

It’s possible that your home has some poorly lit areas despite having enough light. You can evenly illuminate your home by strategically hanging mirrors. These days mirrors aren’t just an object to help you get dressed in the morning. They have evolved into ornamental pieces that double up as decor.

Pick Reflective Materials

In addition to mirrors, you can introduce other reflective materials in your home to have a similar effect. Tables, shelves and other furniture with metallic finishes will further illuminate your space.

Get Indoor Plants

Something as simple as indoor plants can infuse life into your home. So go out and bring home plants to add a touch of freshness and greenery. If you are not keen on taking care of plants, you can get your hands on fake plants that are eerily similar to the real deal.

Keep It Minimal

The more things you have, the more cluttered and dull your interiors will look. For a light, airy and inviting space, try to avoid bulky furniture and excessive decor. A minimalist interior design is also much easier to maintain.

Go for Open Shelves

Close shelves make your interiors feel congested. That’s why you should install open shelves wherever possible. Furthermore, you can take it to the next level with glass shelves. This is also a fantastic way of putting your prized possessions on display.

The Bottom Line

Considering that light affects your psyche, why not use it well to uplift your mood and interiors? We hope the above-mentioned tips inspire you to play with lighting and find the perfect combination for your home.

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