A Career In The Gas And Oil Industry

A Career In The Gas And Oil Industry

The world’s biggest companies get a lot of press, but all of the hype can mean we forget about an industry that lies behind pretty much all of them; the oil and gas industry. That being the case, this can be one of the best industry choices to work in. There is a high chance to earn a high wage, jobs are varied, and we can be sure that in the years to come, this industry will continue to be at the front of the economy. Yet, how can you go about making a successful career in the industry? Let’s find out in this article from TRS Global.

Enter At Ground Level

By getting into the industry as early as you can there is a higher chance that you will be able to work your way up to long-term success. If you are just finishing up college, try to find an internship within one of the larger gas and oil companies. There can be pretty fierce competition so you will need to give proof that you are committed and focused on this work type. Once you have made it in through the front doors you will likely find this an easier industry to move up in.

Identify A Mentor

Within the industry there are plenty of big players and their advice can be priceless. However, they are hardly going to walk up and ask if you fancy knowing what they know; you need to find them and ask them! Getting a mentor can be a great thing. The career paths within the industry of gas and oil are not straightforward and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. By having a mentor who has already walked the path, you can get some reassurance that you are going in the right direction.

Get To Know The Industry As A Whole

We know all about how large and varied the industry is, you don’t need to tell us! If you just take one thing, petroleum, for instance, you divide it into five sectors (marine, service, and supply, upstream, downstream, and pipeline). Granted you cannot become an expert in each one, but you should try to gain a level of understanding of the overall runnings of things, this will make you stand out from others. Remember, in pretty much any industry under the sun, knowledge is power, added Tesia Dobrydnia. Chevron Richmond Refinery Relief Senior Engineer, Tesia Dobrydnia has worked with the company since 2007. She graduated that same year from Oregon State University after earning her Bachelor of Science degree for her studies in Chemical Engineering. Her extensive experience in the oil and gas industry includes process safety management as well as process design and small project management. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys completing home projects and reading.

Keep Your Focus Ahead

The industry of gas and oil is constantly changing, but we may see drastic changes in the future as new technologies change things. As more money gets invested in clean energy by some of the big players in the industry, this may emerge as the way to operate in the future. Always keep a focus ahead and see where profits are being invested by the oil companies, this will keep help you to avoid being left behind; nobody wants to get left behind!

With a large helping of hard work as well as the tips that we have supplied you with, you are now in an excellent position to start a successful career in the gas and oil indstry.


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