The wedding day is the most auspicious and complete day in every woman’s life. Women need everything perfect from their makeup to dresses and footwear as they are the center of attraction on the wedding day. They want to look pretty and no less than anyone. Here is the guide on how to select the best bridal shoes au, according to your style and the chosen dress. 

When rushing on the variety of bridal shoes, there are many factors that affect the choice, such as the dress’s color, length of the dress, your height, your comfort in walking heels, and the place where you are hosting the wedding. Let us look at the details one by one that is necessary to look upon so that your special day won’t get ruined.  


Guide on perfect bridal shoe colors 

  • Generally, the wedding shoes are available in ivory or white color as that is the most common dress color for the brides. If your gown is of different color, you can dye your shoes to match the exact color of your dress. 
  • Fashion trends keep on evolving, and the latest trend in bridal shoes is bold footwear. Brides wear bold colors of heels to outshine the footwear underneath the gown. As long as your shoes match with the bouquet, they won’t look out of the place.  
  • Metallic shoes are likewise a popular decision for ladies needing a change from white yet searching for a subtler choice than hot pink. Wedding shoes are accessible in gold, silver, bronze, and metallic pink; simply ensure they coordinate with your wedding gems. 


Guide on trendy bridal shoe accessories 

  • You may believe that shoes are embellishments in themselves, yet adorning your shoes has become a new trend in wedding chores.  
  • Wedding shoes can be customized with texture corsages or rosettes, strips, quills, precious stones, or pearls to give a truly special look. Flaunt your decorated wedding shoes with a shorter outfit. 


Guide on bridal shoe heels 

  • Often brides go for high heels and platform shoes as they feel confident and elegant while walking down the aisle in those heels. However, the important thing is how much you are comfortable in those high heels, and having a backup pair of pumps for the after-party is not a bad idea! High heels paired with the gown are in high demand this season. 
  • Flat bridal footwear is an ideal and most perfect choice for the tall brides that don’t need extra height. They are comfortable enough and are great for beach or garden weddings. Flat shoes and sandals are often paired with long dresses that hide the feet. 
  • In the event that you are searching for a blend of extra inch and solace, search for wedding shoes with a wedge heel. These are perfect for daytime weddings and suit all figures. From the front and the back, they will seem to be standard high heels, and for the vast majority of the day, the wedge can be concealed under a long dress. 


Guide on bridal shoe toe shapes 

  • Closed toes are the most conventional style of wedding shoe and are a well-known choice as the toe is the maximum visible part of the bridal shoe. Pointed toes are yet trendy, particularly for exquisite evening weddings, and they cause the foot to seem slimmer. Round toes give wide and cuter exposure to the foot. 
  • Open-toed wedding shoes, or strappy shoes, give a flirtatious look and are ideally suited for dainty ladies that are ready to flaunt their feet. A decent pedicure is imperative if you wear open-toed shoes, as your feet will highlight in your wedding photographs. Open-toed shoes with heels are perfect for evening weddings, while flat open-toed sandals can likewise be appropriate for relaxed ocean side or garden weddings. 
  • For a difference, peep toe wedding shoes simply offer a brief look at a couple of painted toenails, however, they give more coverage. Peep toes offer an exemplary look that is ideal for daytime weddings yet, at the same time, looks perfect at night. 



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