A Comprehensive Guide for Buying Suitable Notched Trowels

Notched trowels, as the name suggests, are handheld tools that come designed with notches. These trowels are used for spreading thin-set and adhesive. The notches in this type of trowel are placed on the blade sides. When used for tiling purposes, the size of the notches is determined by the size of the tiles; small tiles require small notches, whereas large tiles require large notches. To know more about notched trowels, their types.

Types Of Trowels And Their Uses 

Since there are quite a few types of notched trowels, here is a list of the various purposes fulfilled by each one of them:

  • The V-notched trowel: Since this trowel type facilitates lesser mortar than the other types of trowels, it is generally used for fixing small tiles. By small tiles, we mean tiles that are less than two inches. If you plan to get a mosaic done in your house, then a v-notched trowel shall be used for such purposes. Apart from being used for small tiling tasks, the v-notched trowel is also beneficial in ceiling and wall works.
  • The square notched trowel: As the name suggests, square notched trowels possess square-shaped notches. As compared to the v-notched trowel, this trowel type dispenses more mortar, which makes it suitable for fulfilling general purposes like tiling the floors. It is generally used for tiles that are about two inches in size.
  • The U-notched trowel: This trowel is a variant of the square notched trowel. While this trowel type can be used to install vinyl flooring, the square notched trowel can be used for both hardwood and vinyl installations.
  • Margin notched trowel: A margin notched trowel falls under the category of lesser-known trowel category. This trowel type is used in places where are lesser spaces. It can be used for the effective installation of ceramic flooring. Hence, it is appropriate for usage in tight spaces.
  • The Interchangeable handle trowel: The configuration of this trowel type makes your tiling work easier and allows you to effortlessly switch among trowels with the utilization of only one handle. Having the option to exchange the handle eliminates the profile of each trowel, making it simpler to store and move around in contrast to the customary devices. 

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Quality Notched Trowels

If you are looking for quality notched trowels, you must look for some factors that will help you buy the needful and quality trowels. Read on to know further.:

  • Soft grip handle: The handle of the notched trowel must be designed so that it can provide comfort and lend support to your hand. After all, you do not want the trowel to slip off of your hand, do you? It must also be soft so that your hand does not hurt while performing the tiling tasks.
  • Stainless steel blade: Stainless steel blade makes notched trowels last long. Durability is an important factor that comes with stainless steel. An inferior quality steel blade is not bound to last for long.
  • Finish: If the product has a mirror finish, it will be easier to clean it.
  • Resistance abilities: The trowel obtains brownie points if it is rust and corrosion-resistant. Resistance abilities help in determining the longevity of the product.
  • Other factors: Apart from taking note of these factors, one must also pay attention to the guarantee offered by the company. Only companies that are confident about their products offer an extensive guarantee. Also, it is important to check the customer reviews and ratings of a product before buying it. 


At the end of the day, notched trowels play a significant role when it comes to performing the tiling process. However, they must be carefully chosen, depending upon their purpose, functionality, and quality. In such cases, you must select the best quality trowel.

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