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A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Door Checks

Fire doors are a crucial part of keeping people safe in buildings when there’s a fire. To make sure these doors work well, regular checks are super important. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what fire door checks involve, why they’re essential, and how they help maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Understanding Fire Doors:

What Are Fire Doors?:

Fire doors are special doors designed to slow down the spread of fire and smoke. They’re like heroes during a fire, helping to protect people and property by creating a barrier that fire finds hard to cross.

Parts of a Fire Door:

Door Leaf: This is the main part of the door that stops fire from passing through.

Frame: The frame around the door helps keep the door strong and in place during a fire.

Seals: These are like magic seals that expand when it gets hot, blocking any gaps around the door to stop smoke and fire.

Hinges and Closers: These make sure the door closes properly, keeping the fire and smoke on one side.

Why Fire Door Checks Are Important:

Saving Lives:

Fire door checks are all about making sure these doors will do their job if there’s a fire. Well-maintained fire doors help save lives by slowing down the fire and giving people more time to escape.

Protecting Property:

Fire doors don’t just keep people safe; they also help protect buildings and things inside them. By stopping the fire from spreading too fast, they reduce the damage a fire can do.

Following Rules:

Many places have rules and laws that say fire doors must be checked regularly. It’s not just about following the rules; it’s about keeping everyone safe and doing the right thing.

Insurance Requirements:

If a building has insurance, the insurance company might ask for regular fire door checks. It’s like a promise to keep everything safe, and insurance companies like that.

How Fire Door Checks Work:

How Often:

Fire doors need to be checked regularly, and how often depends on things like the type of building and how much it’s used. Usually, checks happen once a year, but some places might need more checks.

Who Does the Checks:

Trained professionals, like fire safety experts, do the checks. They know all about fire safety and what to look for in a good fire door.

What They Look At:

Visual Checks: The check starts with a good look at the door. They check for any damage, missing parts, or signs of wear.

Operational Testing: They make sure the door opens and closes like it should. This is important because a fire door needs to close properly to keep the fire out.

Seal Check: The special seals around the door are checked to make sure they are in good shape. These seals need to work well during a fire to stop smoke from getting through.

Certification and Labels:

Fire doors usually have labels that show they meet safety standards. The professionals check these labels to make sure the door is up to the safety mark.

Common Things Checked During Fire Door Inspections:

Damaged Seals:

The seals around the door can wear out or get damaged. The check makes sure these seals are in good condition. If not, they might need to be replaced.


A fire door needs to close properly, and that means it has to be aligned with its frame. If it’s not aligned, it might not seal properly during a fire.

Closures and Hinges:

Hinges, closers, and other parts need to work smoothly. The check makes sure these parts are in good condition and working as they should.

Regular Maintenance:

Fire doors can gather dirt and things over time, and this can make them not work well. Regular cleaning and maintenance are part of the check to keep everything in tip-top shape.


In conclusion, fire door checks are a big deal when it comes to keeping everyone safe. These checks make sure fire doors are ready to do their job if there’s ever a fire. They’re like regular health check-ups for the heroes of a building – the fire doors. By making sure these doors are in good shape, we’re making sure we’re doing our best to protect lives and property. Trained professionals take care of these checks, looking at everything from the seals to the hinges, and making sure that all the parts work together like a team. So, remember, fire door checks are not just about following rules; they’re about keeping us all safe and secure. Contact us for more information on Check Your Firedoors.

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