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A Detailed Comparison of Trello Review vs Airtable Review

There are a number of commercial project management solutions available which make it difficult for buyers to narrow down their choices. A business needs to evaluate their own needs before they make a decision. One way to do that is by reading user reviews but there are so many that can be a cumbersome task. This article compares Trello review vs Airtable review to help make the process easier. The in-depth analysis of features, ease of use, and support offered by both platforms can help decide which one is the best tool for the job.


Trello is a kanban-style project management software which is supposed to simplify every aspect of the workflow. The tool has limited capabilities because it is a workflow tool and lacks comprehensive project management features. It helps users manage tasks and follow the steps in a defined sequence. It can help all types of organizations from marketing agencies to software development firms.


Airtable is the best choice for those project managers who want a creative solution. The software is a great alternative for Excel spreadsheets because it provides users with a better way to deal with project data. It has more personality than Excel and users can use the additional features to take care of other tasks too. Airtable reviews say is the best tool for creative firms dealing in marketing or other relevant services.

Trello Review vs Airtable Review – Features


Since Trello mainly uses Kanban boards it lacks functionality but it makes up for that with its exceptional user experience. Trello is one of the best Kanban-based tools available and it facilitates project management with easy-to-use features. When it comes to the Kanban board it beats every other option in the market. The task cards can be dragged and dropped to different lists and users can customize them by adding labels, comments, checklists, attachments and with third-party software integration.

Those who are using Trello for project management will discover that it is easier to manage different phases of the project with the help of lists or task cards. They can create a perfect tool for tracking, managing, and guiding the workflow. There is a mobile application which can help users keep track of their tasks even when they are away from their desk.

However, Trello reviews mention it does not have additional capabilities such as financial management, reporting, or direct communication. It covers those drawbacks by offering many integration options and filling the gaps with its automated workflows or power-ups.


Airtable is a comprehensive project management solution that covers multiple aspects of planning, execution, and resolution. It facilitates the project management process with a long list of features such as Kanban boards, task collaboration, client access, and schedule management.

The main difference between Trello review vs Airtable review is that Airtable is a spreadsheet-based project management solution. The task management gallery view is its best feature and what makes it different from a Kanban board is that tasks are not categorized into cards. Each process is not filed into multiple categories but users can set up a custom sorting method. They can sort the tasks according to due date, category, project team, or alphabetical order.

Airtable does not have a dedicated budgeting or reporting module but it creates them using the records or categories in the spreadsheets. The software applies its formulas to generate potential budget reports and those who do not want to create a budget in the Airtable spreadsheet can use a built-in template. These provide users with a framework for organizing their project.

Airtable is a visual project management tool that offers functionality to its users. They can enjoy the versatile features included in the platform and benefit from the different spreadsheet formulas included in the platform.

Trello Review vs Airtable Review – Customer Support


Trello is an Atlassian product which means they have their own way of handling customer complaints and providing them with technical support. Most issues can be logged in to the ticketing system and through support forms but users on the business or enterprise plan can gain access to the priority phone helpline for additional support.

Trello also provides users with an extensive knowledge base they can turn to for help. It covers a long list of topics including software functionality and also includes team management guides.


Airtable also provides customers with the support they need including guides, live webinars, video tours, community forums, and FAQs. There are functionality articles and customer support email to get specific answers. The platform does not offer phone support, which could be disappointing for most users.


Concluding the Trello review vs Airtable review debate it is safe to say that both tools have their own dedicated customer base. These tools have been designed for specific project types and industries which means the right choice depends on the user. They need to figure out their values and see which one can help uphold them. Both platforms are great options in their own right which makes them worthy of your time.

Those who want a platform that is easy to use and can manage all workflows without missing a beat should consider Trello. Most companies value ease of use over features because they do not want to spend time or money training teams. This explains the reason for Trello’s popularity. But if your team needs a comprehensive solution with spreadsheet options then according to Airtable reviews it is the best choice. It is more complex compared to Trello; however, it does not take long to get new users trained on it.

It can be difficult to choose between Trello and Airtable. These platforms are developed for a specific purpose and it is up to the user to decide which one meets their requirements. Those who are still confused can schedule a demonstration and see the software for themselves. Alternatively, they can also use the free trial option to get a taste of the features before they pay for them.

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