Corporate Cards

A Guide For Startups To Get Started With Corporate Cards

When you think of commencing with a new business, you must make many important decisions about how you will operate and so on. For any business to function properly, you require funds. Corporate cards for startups let you get access to the funds that you will need regularly.

Top credit card issuing companies offer such cards and are issued after evaluating the company’s financial health and not the owner’s funds. Card issuers might need the company to have solid financials, decent liquidity, and cash flow.

Receiving a corporate card is easier for startups. However, it is vital to note that considerable time and effort will be needed to complete the procedure. You can shop and wander the marketplace to get a corporate card company that best suits your needs or get an aspire account which will take care of all the needful. Also, you should check and read the terms and conditions and then accept them. Various steps are to be taken before making an application before you go on to apply for a business credit or debit card.

As your startup does not have credit, creditors will have a glimpse at your past credit history. Maintaining a good credit score and history will make it easier to receive quick approval at a lower interest rate and more spending limit. However, your application may be denied in case of a poor credit score.

The various forms of business structure impact corporate credit cards. In case you are a sole proprietor, you should incorporate. The application procedure may require you to present your tax ID number, which differs from your Social Security Number.

Hence, corporate cards can be an excellent way for startups to get the best benefits and convenience. However, in case you are new to the world of corporate cards, selecting the right card for your business may seem like a daunting task.

For several newly established startups, debit cards are often the perfect solution. They make it simple to handle your funds since you can avoid overspending. Also, you can view the amount of money left in your account and easily track your latest charges. What’s more in store? Debit cards are also widely accepted universally, and a few checking accounts also let you easily issue cards for the employees and establish custom user permissions.

Adding a corporate card to your daily business can be a smart and wise move if you want it to grow at a huge scale. For instance, many corporate cards provide reward points for each dollar you spend with your card, which can be a profitable way to save money on necessary things such as travel expenses and office supplies.

Corporate cards also have exciting and unique travel perks and benefits, like exclusive airport lounge access and rental car safety. When it comes to traveling, the key reason you may want to go for a corporate card is that it can circumvent the occasional hold of around five to seven days by hotels or car rental companies.

Many cards offer attractive discounts or rewards for purchasing various software and systems. If your company is issuing cards for its workforce, you can benefit from extra spending management and protection against fraud offered by corporate cards.

You can open an account with any card lending company and start your journey toward making your business a huge success at the financial level. One such smart corporate card for startups is Aspire, and by opening an Aspire account, you can easily create, use, and handle digital corporate cards for you and your entire team.

Selecting the right one might be challenging after you are determined enough to add a corporate card to your startup’s monetary stack. Firstly, you should know your company’s needs. For example, do you require cashback or other travel benefits? Are there any other characteristics that will be advantageous for your company? And so on.

You will be required to strike the correct balance between the rewards desired by your startup and the cards that make sense for your company’s spending styles.


If you have already decided to apply for corporate cards, getting acquainted with the above information is just the starting point. If done correctly, selecting the most appropriate card for your company and business can feel less of a burden and more of an exciting opportunity to shape your company’s future.

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