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A Guide On How to Improve Your Car’s Audio

Having a great car is a necessity, but do you know what else is important? That’s right – audio. If your car has poor audio, how are you supposed to enjoy some killer tunes on a road trip? Nobody’s going to want you to pass them the aux cord because your car sounds terrible!

Now, thankfully there are a number of ways that you can improve the audio quality in your car. For instance, you could install an Under seat subwoofer. But how else can you improve your car’s audio? Here’s everything that you need to know! 

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Audio Files

The sound system in your car isn’t the only thing that’s important – we feel that we should mention this right off the bat!  If you are using a specially made CD then you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting good sound quality, but things like audio streaming or playing compressed MP3 files can often mean that you are compromising on the audio quality. As such, this may not be the best time to be using Spotify! Use high quality audio files and you are less likely to get poor sound in your car.

Stay Away From the Equalizer

The sound of the bass when you are listening to some music when you are driving is fantastic. There’s nothing quite like it as you drive down the freeway! Of course, it may not be wise to turn that equalizer all the way up when you are driving. If you increase the equalizer then any flaws in your sound system will be amplified, which doesn’t tend to sound very good. Instead of playing around with the bass knob, it’s a much better idea to simply turn up the volume of the device instead.

Improve the Connection

How are you actually connecting the sound device to the car? If you are using a phone – which most people tend to do these days – then using the right connection can really alter how the audio sounds. The problem is that using Bluetooth or an Aux cord can sometimes distort the quality of the audio. It’s better to use higher quality connections instead.

Get an Amplifier

If you want your speaker to sound truly spectacular, one of the best things that you can do is invest in an amplifier for your car. This will mean that the audio has more power than whatever amp you already have in the car. If you have a little bit of extra money to play with to truly pimp out your ride, it’s worthwhile to get a two channel amplifier. This will allow you to give power to the speakers in your car in addition to the subwoofer. You can expect some much better sound if you have an amplifier. 

Get New Speakers

Your car will come with speakers already built into it. Of course, you don’t need to keep something just because you technically get it for free. The problem with factory speakers is that they are rarely ever as good as you would like the speakers in your car to be. As such, if you really want to improve the audio quality then it’s a good idea to buy some new speakers for your car. It should be simple enough to replace the speakers. Using component speakers and a subwoofer will also greatly improve your audio, though this isn’t entirely necessary and it can cost quite a bit of extra money. Ultimately, just install some aftermarket features that will fit with your car and work with the head unit in it.

Use Sound Dampening Techniques

The problem with cars is a simple one – you’re using them on the road. What is on the road? A lot of noise, that’s what. This noise can really get in the way of your sweet tunes, making your music sound horrendous in turn. If you want to have better quality audio, then install some noise demeaning materials in the car to reduce the sounds from outside. You can use things like damping sheets in the door panels. You can also put a sound dampening material under the hood of the car, and use things like carpets in the car that will reduce the noise coming from the engine. Sound proof your car and you are sure to get better audio.


And that’s everything that you need to know about how to improve the audio in your car! It’s a fairly simple process, and your tunes are sure to sound so much better when you follow our advice! 

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