Electric Scooter for Newbies

A Helpful Guide to Electric Scooter for Newbies

It’s no surprise that electric scooters have risen in popularity over the past few years. They’re fun to ride, offer a unique way to explore your city, and as an added bonus, electric scooters can be used for commuting with low operating costs and minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

However, for the uninitiated they can be a little daunting, so we have created a helpful guide that’ll have you searching for an electric scooter shop near me.

Guide on riding an electric scooter for newbies

Luckily for first timers, learning to ride an electric scooter isn’t a huge time commitment. In fact you could buy a scooter from a store like Shell RIDE and ride it the same day.

Be sure to pay attention to safety measures like grip, control, braking, and balancing. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to ride an electric scooter.

  • Start by putting on your protective gear.
  • Practice in a flat space with minimal traffic, preferably an empty parking space.
  • The dial where your thumb rests is the throttle, press it down to go forward.
  • Engage the hand brakes to slow down to a stop.
  • Practice going full speed and stopping on a dime. Getting comfortable with the scooter’s max power is key when driving in a populated area.
  • After this practice sharp turns and sudden movements. Unlike roads, sidewalks and trails are inconsistent and require sharp reflexes to maneuver.

Selecting an electric scooter

Of course the first step in joining the electric scooter craze is selecting the right scooter. Before you go searching for an electric scooter shop near me, you need an understanding of what separates electric scooters apart, and what it is exactly you’re looking for.

Maximum load

Electric scooters have varying load limits. Therefore, when buying an e-scooter, you need to choose one that can sustain your weight. Typically, most e-scooters can sustain a weight of only up to 100 kg. If you overload the scooter, you will be underperforming the equipment as it cannot reach its intended top speeds. Additionally, you are putting yourself at risk since the chances of it breaking down is high.


How are the weather conditions in your area? Are you prone to rain? If so, you’ll want an e-scooter capable of surviving a rainy day. Spending a few more dollars on an electric scooter with better waterproofing will save you in the long run.

Motor power

The power of the electric scooter affects not only its top speed but its ability to drive uphill. If you live on mountainous terrain or simply want to go as fast as possible you’ll need to invest in an electric scooter with a motor power of at least 350 watts. This will enable you to attain high speeds and climb hilly areas effortlessly.


You should have a pretty good understanding of the basics of electric scooters. Riding an e-scooter is shockingly easy and will come naturally to you. If you get hooked, you can follow our tips on buying the best scooter to fit your needs.


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