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A Look at Gambling Around the World

Gambling is very much a global pastime but there is plenty of variation in terms of gambling habits across the globe. Accessibility to gambling platforms varies and general trends and preferences differ from region to region.

The following article will take a closer look at some interesting global gambling statistics, laws and restrictions, and top online casinos in different nations.

Gambling Statistics Around the World

Approximately one in four people are thought to gamble on a semi-regular basis. That equates to over 1.5 billion people across the globe.

According to statistics, on average, Australians lead the way in terms of amount spent on gambling per capita. One study suggested that the average Australian gambles $900 per year. Over 90% of gamblers in the country in 2011 were male, a statistic that has become more balanced in recent years.

Somewhat surprisingly, Singaporeans are second averaging just over $890 per capita each year, a significant lead on Americans who placed third with an average spend of just over $505 per annum. Over 40% of Singapore takes part in some form of gambling activity.

Gambling Restriction Around the World

Gambling restrictions around the world are unsurprisingly inconsistent. Some countries have very loose laws around gamblings whilst others forbid the activity altogether.

Mainland China prohibits gambling which has led to a surge in gambling in the autonomous region of Macau. The region situated in Southern China generates billions every year and collects 50% of its revenue from the industry as a gambling haven.

Gambling in India is largely outlawed but many citizens have turned to VPNs to bypass this. VPNs allow people in restricted countries to spoof their location and gain access to international betting and casino game platforms. In many cases, this is without risk of prosecution.

Gambling Online Around the World

Online casinos are a global industry that attracts millions of players every day. This section will take a look at a selection of top online casinos from around the world.

Kasinonetti – Finland

Kasinonetti is one of the top online casino platforms in Finland. The website has a top array of online casinos to choose from based on reviews, rating, and a large selection of video slots. The platform offers users free play, free spins, and spinback bonuses.

Spin Casino – Canada
Spin Casino is one of the biggest online casino platforms in the world and has become a household name. The well-known brand boasts a user-friendly website with a great selection of licensed games from some of the industry’s best developers.

Royal Panda – Brazil
One of the best online casinos in Brazil is without a doubt Royal Panda. Expect top-quality games on a stylish platform with fast and reliable cash deposits and withdrawals.

Casino Cruise – Nigeria
With over 1,300 games in their catalogue, it isn’t difficult to understand why Casino Cruise is one of the most popular online gambling platforms for Nigerians. The professional-looking website is backed up with regulations from the Malta Gaming Authority and British Gambling Commission.

Popular Forms of Gambling

Gambling takes many different forms and there are lots of differences across the world. However, there appear to be certain types that are popular the world over.

1. Online Casino Games and Slots
The number one form of gambling is online casino games and video slots. This type of gambling makes up over one-third of all gambling.

Approximately half of Americans have played an online casino game in the last year. Progressive jackpots and KBC lottery winner have been responsible for truly life-changing jackpot wins of many millions.

2. Sports Betting
Regulated sportsbooks are an estimated $100 billion industry. They draw in millions of bettors across numerous different sporting events and competitions.

There is a lot of unregulated sports betting, particularly in Asia, which would contribute more to the total estimated value of the industry.

3. Poker
Poker has long been one of the most popular types of betting and was a real frontrunner in the switch to online gambling. Its ascendency has slowed down in recent years but it continues to be one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world.

4. Lottery
Benefiting from being legal in many regions where other forms of gambling are not, the lottery remains as popular as ever.

In the UK the National Lottery is extremely popular as is Euro Millions which often has seven or even eight-figure jackpot totals.

5. Bingo
Approximately 100 million people are thought to play bingo online. This is one of the few forms of gambling where women dominate playing figures.

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