Diesel Generators

A Simple Guide to Diesel Generators

In modern culture, diesel is synonymous with power. You may even think of things like burly truck drivers, smoke, and big rigs. However, you may not realize that this same level of power is used in diesel generators.

Home and commercial diesel generators offer improved dependability and higher efficiencies in many applications. If you are thinking about purchasing this type of equipment, learning more about it can be helpful.

What Are Diesel Generators?

Diesel generators are used to generate electricity. This is done with a diesel engine and electric generator.

Diesel generators are often used as a source of emergency power in case a power cut occurs or in areas where you can’t connect to the power grid.

How Does a Diesel Generator’s Engine Work?

The engine of a diesel generator uses the same four-stroke principles that gas engines do. The difference is the combustion process.

There are four steps in the four-stroke process:

  1. Intake Stroke

Air moves into the engine cylinder. This pushes the piston down.

  1. Compression Stroke

When the piston moves back up, it will compress the air in the chamber.

  1. Power Stroke

After reaching the top of the cylinder, the fuel injector will inject diesel into the air, which is super-compressed. This results in spontaneous combustion but without the use of a spark plug. This combustion forces the piston to move back down.

  1. Exhaust Stroke

The piston will move back to the top of the cylinder. This action pushes the exhaust gases out of the chamber.

Diesel generator engines don’t need a spark plug to ignite the fuel/air mixture because the air is compressed more than in a gas engine.

The tighter the air is compressed, the hotter it will get. The level of compression reached is measured by the compression ratio. This is something to look at when searching for a diesel generator for sale.

What to Consider When Buying a Diesel Generator

If you are interested in purchase a diesel generator, there are several factors to consider.


Know the requirements of the home or business before purchasing a generator. You can find generators in many sizes, so knowing your needs will help you narrow down the options.


You can find diesel generators in both single- and three-phase connections. Find out the connection option for you to purchase the right generator.

Fuel Consumption

This is another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a diesel generator. Find out the fuel consumption level per kVA and per hour.

Purchasing the Right Diesel Generators

If you are interested in purchasing diesel generators, the information above will help ensure you know what you need to look for. Making the right purchase will ensure the generator can meet your needs.

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