A Special Guide About What to Wear on Occasions

A Special Guide About What to Wear on Occasions?

A perfect dressing sense is very important for any event or occasion. It also shows paying respect to the people around you and the occasions or events. Most people get more anxious to select the appropriate dresses because they don’t know which type of dresses they wear at the events, which color, budget, dress code, many more things to know. 

In this article, we are going to break down all of the special occasion attire questions and tips like black ties, semi-formal, casual, beach casual, and all of the attire glossary. So let’s get started….

  • Where and What Is the Venue?

The first question you need to ask yourself is where the venue is and what type of it is. So ask yourself those questions about the venue, figure it out first. If it’s on a beach that’s very different from being in a ballroom, if it’s during the day that’s very different than it being in the evening because the day is less formal and the night is more formal. Also, the ballroom is more formal than the beach is less formal. So where it is and what time it is both are very impactful in terms of how you decide what you’re going to wear.

  • What Is the Dress Code?

Most of the invitations should stipulate what the level of dress is expected and supposed to be. So whether or not it is semi-formal, cocktail, black-tie, black-tie optional, white tie that should be somewhere on the invitation. So make sure you look at the invitation and don’t throw it away you save it so that you could refer back to it. When somebody does sort of inventing their own they usually delineate that on the invitation with a quick description of what that entails. When you don’t know you’re still confused you could always broach somebody else going to the event or the host or the bride and groom themselves. Moreover, you can always do a little research that way to ask other people going to the event, or you may ask the host of the event management also. 

  • How Do You Want to Look and Feel?

How you want to look and feel is a big part of that criteria. Do you want to look sexy? Do you want to look glamorous? Do you want to look elegant? Do you want to look conservative? Do you want to look sophisticated? 

So how you want to look and feel will also dictate and help you form a mental picture of what it is that you’re searching for that special occasion. If you know you want to be full-on glam then maybe you’re gonna go for a more glamorous color with a more glamorous neckline with a more glamorous longer-length dress. However, if you want to be fashion-forward and you want to stand out a little bit, maybe you go for a red jumpsuit. Finally, you have to kind of have that mental picture of how you want to look and feel to make your search much simpler.

  • What Length of Dress?

It is more important to research what length of dress or jumpsuit or suit you want to wear at the events. For example- Do you want to wear a mini dress? Do you want to wear cocktail length, knee-length? Do you want to do MIDI? Do you want to do maxi? On the beach, you may want to do a maxi but you know it’s going to be windy and the winds are going to be blowing so you don’t want the wind to come and kick up your skirt. So you’ve got to be mindful of the location and also think about the length and the hemline of the dress that you want to wear. 

  • What Is Your Budget?

Another thing obviously to consider is what is your budget. If you want to stay between 100 and 200 dollars or 50 and 100 dollars, you need to make sure you create that criteria on an individual website. So that you will not look at anything above that budget. It just keeps you on target. Also, it narrows the search again and saves your time and money.

When you take the time to do that it’s going to make it so much easier for you.  It’s going to take all of that anxiousness and nervousness away so that you will be much more focused and much more at ease about the whole process. In this way, you may find something that’s special that really speaks to you and that you feel amazing. Now, we are going to cover up with some hacks and tips about attire glossary in the following sections: 

  1. Business Casual: if the invitation says casually technically that could be just about anything but trying to wear something that goes to business casual. A business casual included a dress with skirt pants, a blouse, and along those lines that you would do for business casual.
  2. Beach Formal: if you are going to wear beach formal then select which are appropriate for the beach so obviously you’re not going to wear stiletto heels so it is best to wear wedges or flats. In terms of being formal, it is best to wear a long beautiful flowy maxi in striking color with a pair of really dressy wedges.
  3. Cocktail Attire: if the invitation says cocktail then that means you’re just gonna grab a cocktail dress cocktail attire is gonna range you know from everything from like a sheath dress solid fitted plain sheath dress to sequins you know you can there’s a whole range of cocktail dresses and so play around with that again based on the venue itself the time of the event.

If the invitation says black tie, black tie optional, white tie, long evening dress, etc then try to wear something like that appropriate. 

You may also go to google and search images and you could see what kind of people wore to that event the year before that is helpful. Spend a little more time and select your desired dress and take some pre-shots before going to the event so that you can get an appropriate idea about your dresses.

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