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Bitcoin is a digital currency invented to facilitate the people worldwide and free them from the shackles of unnecessary rules and regulations set by the central authorities like banks and government-controlled bodies. Satoshi Nakamoto invented this currency with a dream of empowering the users. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cash system. Due to several problems with the present trading system and monopoly of a very few central regulated bodies, the people are forced to follow the rules and regulations set by these bodies. However, bitcoin lacks any regulating body or central authority; the invention of a decentralized system like bitcoin solves all the hurdles set up by the governing bodies and gives the users total control over their money. Bitcoin has many advantages over fiat currencies, and almost all the users click here. This article will follow some of the benefits of bitcoins.

Mobile Banking

People can do Bitcoin trading by using a simple mobile phone, unlike traditional banking systems where the user has to undergo a series of steps to access his bank account and make any payment; he has to fill a load of information further. However, bitcoin wallets do not require any of this information to carry out transactions. All you need is a bitcoin wallet of the receiver; you are to scan the QR code of the receiver’s wallet to transfer payments. Furthermore, if you know the wallet’s address, you can send bitcoins directly without the need for scanning. And this can even be don’t from the comfort of your bed.

Security and Control

Fiat currency trading has a lot of loopholes. The dependency on central authorities can cause a lot of problems like the error in the system. The transaction may fail due to the lack of money at a particular time in a bank; moreover, the banks are constantly under attack by hackers. They are always at risk of privacy and money theft. However, bitcoin ensures user security from all these threats from the hackers due to its unique cryptography; with every bitcoin mine, the cryptographic signatures are made more substantial. Moreover, this cryptography provides greater control over your money and means you can choose to send money to anybody you want at any time of the day.

Works All the Time

Bitcoins are stored in an online wallet or on your computer device or memory disc. Unlike the traditional currency, where the traders have to follow a particular set of rules to trade, bitcoin is free from all such constraints. The transfer of a considerable sum of money requires the user to be physically available at the trading center or bank to confirm the transaction at a particular time slot on specific days. But bitcoin trading is a different story, you can access the bitcoin wallet at any time of the day anywhere in the world, and the user is also not bound to the holidays or working days of the banks. For the transaction to be successful, all you need is an address of the wallet where you want to send the money only, and the bitcoin network is working 24 hours and seven days a week.

It has made trading very easy for the people; instead of depending upon the hectic processing, banks can send and receive money of any amount anytime and anywhere. It is making trading fast and more reliable. The elimination of the central authority like banks and government regulatory bodies also keeps our trading private and prevents us from any unnecessary taxes imposed on traders by the government. Hence this trading system is liked by several traders.

Fast Payments and Low Fee

Whenever we want to send or receive money from an international account, we have to go through a complicated procedure and provide a lot of information and documentation to prove that the money is legal and belongs to us. This system has halted the trades of many big traders and caused them considerable delays. Furthermore greater the payment to be transferred greater the processing fee. The monopoly of these regulatory bodies has made transactions even more expensive for the traders. Unlike the fiat transaction system, bitcoin funds transfer works peer-to-peer and does not require any regulating body. It also has a meager transaction fee and is almost negligible.

Privacy control

Blockchain, however, does not reveal the name or any related information of the person performing the trade. The name is kept secret through a series of codes strengthened by the bitcoin community itself. Furthermore, you don’t need to provide any email address, credit card number, name, etc., to complete the transaction for funds transfer. You can make a trade without revealing your identity anonymously.

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