Car CO2 Emissions

All You Need To Know About Car CO2 Emissions

If you’re not aware of the CO2 emissions created by your vehicle, then you should know that the emissions will directly influence the overall amount of car tax you’ll be paying. So, it’s extremely crucial that you learn how much the average car creates CO2 emissions and what’s the difference in emissions amount between used & new cars.

To help you know more about the aforementioned aspects of CO2 emissions, we at cash for cars in Auckland will provide you with all the required information you need to know with the help of this extensive, well-researched guide.

The Basics

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the transport sector forms the biggest contributor to the release of CO2 emissions around the world. The sector contributes about one-third of all CO2 emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. Back in the days, the amount of CO2 emissions were kept in check by the natural plants & trees. However, with the increased rate of deforestation even happening in 2021, the chances for CO2 reabsorption by plants is getting lesser & lesser.

Since deforestation means less tree cover on the earth, the amount of CO2 emissions in the earth’s atmosphere is increasing every day. The rate of increase is at an all-time high and therefore leading to the formation of global warming & climate change, which is leading to the melting of the ice-caps in the polar regions, ultimately leading to flooding of the coastal areas.

Should You Be Choosing A Car That Has Low CO2 Emissions?

When you drive a car that has low or zero CO2 emissions, you’ll experience two major benefits for the same. The first benefit that you’ll gain is that – the overall pollution caused by your vehicle will be reduced and you’ll be able to contribute towards a greener future.

The second benefit would be government subsidies or incentives. Many countries around the world are providing subsidies or incentives to car buyers who are purchasing electric vehicles.

There’s also an added benefit that you’ll achieve with driving electric or hybrid vehicles (since these two car types have the least CO2 emissions) is that – the overall cost of travel and maintenance will decrease as a result.

What’re The Average CO2 Emissions For Most Cars & The Difference Between Used/New Vehicles?

The average CO2 emissions released by any specific type of car is around 105-110 g/km. When it comes to the difference between used and new cars, the amount is quite substantial. The difference can be between 20-50 g/km, between a new car & a used car of the same make & model.

So, it’s highly suggested that scrap your old vehicle and purchase a new one.

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