All You Need To Know About Conflict Resolution Strategies

Disagreements and conflicts are part and parcel of our lives. When we are working with others, it is very likely that sooner or later, we will come across a disagreement that can turn into a conflict before we know it. These conflicts can lead to various issues impacting our mental health, attendance, or even productivity.

Therefore, we need conflict resolution strategies to sort these conflicts out so that they do not affect our professional growth and potential. Now, different people have different ways of sorting out conflicts and disagreements. However, having the necessary skills to sort conflicts at either workplace or home is very important because it helps individuals sort things out in a healthy and civilized manner.

But, what is conflict resolution?

In simple words, conflict resolution is nothing but a formal or informal process where two or more individuals sort out their differences in a healthy and civilized manner. We need these skills because, as humans, we are bound to come across disagreements which can soon escalate into conflicts.

How to respond to conflicts?

It is widely seen that many people tend to avoid conflict as they are wary of the consequences. Sometimes the perception of conflicts comes from some earlier experience where the consequences of any particular conflict or disagreement were bad or disturbing. But being afraid of conflict is not always going to work, and people need to learn about healthy ways to deal with conflicts. Some of these healthy responses to conflicts include:

  • Always keep the ability to compromise and refrain from punishing people, as being the bigger person is sometimes all we need.
  • Empathy is very important for us humans, and every individual must be able to empathize with the viewpoint of the other person because who knows, we might even end up learning something new in the process.
  • Always have the courage to face the conflict head-on because living with the burden of an unresolved conflict can be very damaging. Therefore, no matter the consequence, never be afraid to face conflicts.
  • Real-life conflicts are very different from newsroom debates where everybody is yelling, but ultimately there is no value or lesson learned from the debate. Therefore, always make sure to maintain a non-defensive, calm, and respectful style.
  • Refrain from holding grudges because it is alright if people disagree with one another. Everybody is entitled to their views in this modernized free world.

What is the Thomas Kilmann model?

Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann were two researchers who came up with a model for conflict resolution in the 1970s. The model was named after both researchers, and today we know it as the Thomas Kilmann model. This model describes the two different dimensions that influence an individual’s choice of conduct while resolving any conflict. The first dimension is known as assertiveness, and the second is cooperativeness.

The model identifies five different approaches that people take to resolve any conflict. These approaches are:

  • Accomodation Approach: This approach means taking necessary steps to satisfy the demands and concerns of the other party at the expense of letting go of their own desires and needs.
  • The Competitive Approach: This approach is totally opposite to the accommodation approach as taking this approach means satisfying one’s own needs at the expense of the other person involved in the conflict.
  • Avoiding Approach: People who take this approach are the ones to ignore a conflict with the hope that it will resolve itself.
  • Collaborative Approach: This is one of the best approaches as taking this approach means satisfying the needs and desires of both the parties involved.
  • Compromising Approach: This approach requires the parties involved in the conflict to develop a resolution that is acceptable to both parties. However, it does not mean that all the concerns are addressed or satisfied.


Understanding conflict resolutions effectively can be very beneficial for everyone because we all share this planet, and disagreements and conflicts are basically inevitable. Nevertheless, if one needs to polish their conflict resolution skills, then reach out to services.

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