Amazon FBA for Beginners

Amazon FBA for Beginners

According to 83% of American shoppers, free delivery is the most important factor they consider when buying online. Meanwhile, 53% said speed is also paramount in their decision. The fact that 24% of shoppers canceled their orders due to slow delivery proves this.

These numbers prove how critical fulfillment programs are in the success of a business. If you want to start an Amazon store, investing in Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is prudent. It ensures your products will reach your intended customers without delays.

Read our guide on Amazon FBA for beginners and learn what it can do for you.

Amazon FBA for Beginners: What It Is and How It Works

Fulfillment is the process where sellers store, packs, and ships order to customers. It also covers how sellers handle returns and exchanges.

Amazon FBA for beginners is a fulfillment option allowing Amazon to assume responsibility for your fulfillment process. When you opt for the Amazon FBA program, you send your products to Amazon and they’ll handle the rest.

When a customer completes an order, Amazon will pack and ship the order. The same applies when a customer returns or exchanges a product.

Amazon’s mantra “you sell it, we ship it,” is beneficial for sellers looking to scale their business. Further, the many benefits of FBA are a great way to attract Amazon prime customers.

How Do You Set-up Amazon FBA?

The process to start Amazon FBA is simple. Create an Amazon customer account or a business e-mail address. Provide a valid ID, chargeable credit card, and your business registration details.

Afterward, create either a new product listing or match an existing listing to your product. Provide the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) like UPC, ISBN, or EAN. This product ID helps Amazon identify your product.

You won’t need to provide a product ID if you match a listing. Buy a UPC or request an exemption for unique items.

Aside from the product ID, you’ll need to list a stock-keeping unit (SKU) like a bar code to track the item. Give the product title, description, and image. Add the search terms and relevant keywords when listing a product.

There are two selling partner account to choose from: professional and individual plans. The former allows you to list your product in large batches using third-party inventory management or bulk uploading. Meanwhile, the latter limits you to one product listing at a time.

Costs of Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA cost depends on your chosen plan. An individual plan costs $0.99 per sale. If you plan to sell over 35 items per month, getting a professional plan is more practical. It can cost you $39.99 per month while allowing you to sell as many units as you want.

Learn More About Amazon FBA Now

Take advantage of Amazon’s vast distribution networks and infrastructures. Set up an Amazon FBA account and let your business benefit from the delivery and return services.

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