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An Affordable DIY Guide to Building Your Own Cake Stand

As an avid baker and dessert enthusiast, you take great pride in your confectionary creations. However, properly displaying your delectable desserts can be challenging without the right tools. Elevating your cake on an elegant cake stand not only shows it off to perfection, it can be a beautiful decorative element on your tablescape. But quality cake stands can come with a hefty price tag. With a few simple, inexpensive materials and basic DIY skills, you can build your own cake stand that looks store-bought. In this guide, you’ll learn insider tips for constructing and decorating an affordable cake stand to showcase your cakes in style. From choosing materials to adding embellishments, let’s walk through a budget-friendly approach to building a cake stand you’ll love.

What Do You Call That Thing Cakes Sit On? The Proper Name for a Cake Stand

A cake stand, also known as a cake pedestal, is the proper name for the decorative platform that cakes are displayed on. Cake stands elevate cakes for easier serving and add visual interest to dessert presentations. They come in many shapes, sizes, materials and designs.

Cake plate – A flat platter or plate that sits on a base or pedestal. Can be made of glass, wood, ceramic or other materials.

Cupcake stand – A tiered stand to elegantly display and serve multiple cupcakes or small desserts.

Revolving cake stand – A rotating platform operated by a hidden spinning mechanism at the base. Allows the cake to be turned for decorating or serving ease.

Plastic cake stand – Inexpensive stands made of acrylic, melamine or polycarbonate plastic. Available in basic styles.

Glass cake dome – A glass cloche or lidded cake stand for protecting cakes. Some are placed over cakes on a platter or pedestal base.

Cake carrier – A cake stand and cover combined into one unit for transporting cakes. Useful for picnics and potlucks.

Whatever style you choose, a cake stand is an elegant way to present your delicious, homemade or store-bought cakes and desserts. With the proper tools, your sweets will look like a professional bakery creation.

DIY Cake Stand Ideas: How to Make an Inexpensive Cake Stand at Home

Looking for an affordable way to display your cakes in style? With a few basic materials, you can create a custom cake stand right at home. Here are some budget-friendly DIY ideas to try:

PVC pipe cake stand – This sturdy option uses PVC pipe and fittings as the base. Cut the pipes to size, connect with elbow joints and T connectors, then spray paint. Top with a round piece of wood or glass for the platter.

Plate and candlestick combo – For a quick cake stand, simply place a decorative plate upside down on a tall candlestick or glass vase. Make sure the plate’s rim sits securely.

Stacked books cake stand – Stack 2-3 hardcover books of the same size, using museum gel between to prevent sliding. Top with a round board painted or decorated to your taste.

Milk crate cake stand – Turn a plastic milk crate into an industrial-chic cake stand. Line the inside with decorative paper or fabric, then place a rigid round board on top.

Tiered cake stand – Create a multi-level masterpiece by stacking rounds of wood, attaching decorative plates or platters on top of each tier with epoxy or museum gel.

The design options are endless with budget materials like wood boards, terracotta pots, tin cans, mason jars, and more. Get creative with paint, decoupage, fabric, or other embellishments to make your DIY cake stand truly unique. With a little effort, you can build an elegant cake stand at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Decorating Cakes Without a Stand: Tips for Displaying Cakes Without a Cake Stand

An easy way to present a homemade cake without a stand is to place it directly on a cake board, platter, or decorative plate. Opt for a simple white porcelain or glass cake plate to keep the focus on your beautiful cake.

For a more rustic look, set the naked cake on a wood slab, marble tile, or other unique surface. This works especially well for simple frosted cakes or those decorated with fresh fruit.

Get creative with your cake’s backdrop. Prop it up against a ledge or stack of vintage books. Place it in the middle of your dessert table so guests can admire it from all sides.

Embrace the unfrosted sides. Let layers of moist cake and filling show by displaying your cake on its side. This works for cakes like tres leche, zucchini bread, and banana.

Make it a dessert table showstopper. Surround your cake with berries, flowers, cookies, chocolate truffles, macarons, or other small treats and decorations. The supporting elements will complement your cake.

Add height with a cake riser, inverted bowl, or pedestal. Place a decorative plate on top and set the cake on it. Vary heights for visual interest.

For transport, carry your cake on a sturdy disposable platter or board. Transfer it to a decorative surface just before serving.

Cakes also look lovely displayed on cake stands you can make yourself. Opt for budget materials like terra cotta pots, wood slices, glass candle holders, or thrifted cake plates.

With a little creativity and some decorative touches, you can display your homemade cake beautifully, even without a traditional cake stand. Focus on enhancing your cake’s natural beauty.

Where to Buy Quality Cake Stands on a Budget

When looking for an affordable yet high-quality cake stand, here are some recommended places to check:

Home goods stores like Target, Walmart, IKEA, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Look for simple plastic or metal stands for $10-30. Check sale items.

Craft stores such as Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore. Look in baking sections. Can find decorative stands made of glass, ceramic or acrylic for $20-50.

Thrift stores and consignment shops. Sometimes you can find beautiful vintage cake stands, often silver plated or crystal, for just a few dollars. Check frequently as inventory changes.

Dollar stores. Can find very inexpensive plastic or metal stands, but quality may be lower. Useful for temporary usage.

Online sites like Amazon, eBay, and Teasetbox. Search terms like “cake stand”, “cupcake stand”, and “dessert stand”. Sort low to high price. Can find great deals.

Restaurant supply stores. Sturdy stainless steel stands available. Focus on function over form.

Estate sales and garage sales. With some hunting, lovely stands can turn up at bargain prices. Arrive early for best selection.

The key is knowing where to look and doing thorough searches both in person and online. Check back often, keep an open mind, and be willing to polish up a charming vintage find. With some persistence, you can find a cake stand with timeless style for a fraction of the cost.

FAQ: Answering Common Questions About Cake Stands

What is the proper name for a cake stand?

Cake stands go by several common names, including cake pedestals, cake plates, cake servers, and tiered cake stands or servers. They are sometimes referred to as cupcake stands or pastry stands as well. The most widely accepted generic terms are cake stand or cake pedestal.

Where can I buy a cake stand?

Cake stands are readily available both in stores and online. Many home goods stores such as Target, Walmart, IKEA, Crate and Barrel, and Bed Bath and Beyond carry affordable cake stand options. For more variety, check specialty kitchen stores like Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma. Online retailers like Amazon offer a wide selection of cake stands in all price ranges.

How do I make an inexpensive cake stand?

Some easy DIY options for cake stands include using an upturned bowl, plate, or candlestick holder as a pedestal and topping it with a cake plate. Flip over a glass vase or wide-mouth jar for another budget pedestal. For a quick display, set your cake directly on a decorative platter. With a little creativity, many household items can be repurposed as cake stands.

How should I decorate a cake without a stand?

Cakes can be beautifully decorated even without a traditional cake stand. Set your frosted cake on a pretty ceramic platter, glass cake stand alternative, or vintage plate. Surround with fresh flowers, greenery, berries, citrus slices, or other edible decor. Display cookies, macarons, or other treats around the edges. Sprinkle the platter with colored sugar, edible glitter, or candies before placing the cake. Get creative with linens, ribbons, candles, or string lights for a stunning cake presentation.


As you have seen, building your own cake stand can be a fun and affordable DIY project. With just a few basic materials and tools, you can create a beautiful stand to proudly display your cakes and desserts. The versatility of designs means you can customize it to match your tastes or decor. And the satisfaction of crafting it yourself will make your tasty creations taste even sweeter. So next time you need an elegant cake stand, don’t just go out and buy one – try making your own with this easy guide. The results will be a stylish piece you’ll love showing off.

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