Misting Machines Safe for Pets

Are Misting Machines Safe for Pets?

You know how it feels when the temperature is extremely hot. It can get pretty uncomfortable. All you want to do is stay indoors near the AC. Further, you take plenty of water to ensure proper hydration.

Well, like humans, animals also feel the impact of extreme temperatures. To regulate their body temperature, there will be some behavior changes. Dogs will, for example, pant a lot and stay with their tongues out. They also tend to be rather lethargic and will rest a lot.

Please learn how to identify heatstroke in animals. You could save your pet from fatalities arising from extreme heat.

According to an animal hospital in Bayside area, as the pet owner, you want to do all you can to keep the animals cool. That includes offering plenty of water, shade and keeping them indoors. There is also the option of using misting machines.

Our article explores whether misting machines are safe for pets. Let’s see what we uncovered.

Misting Systems; What You Need to Know

A misting system provides an effective way of controlling the environment for the comfort of the animals. The system regulates the temperature, thus preventing high-temperature rises.

A misting system works by producing water droplets. This will turn to vapor during evaporation. The vapor absorbs heat from the air, thus cooling the surrounding areas. Think about it much like the cooling action of rain.

When you buy pet supplies, consider the range of applications. Multiple usage functionalities give you more value for money. Take the example of the Zoo Med Repti Rain misting machine.

We like the fact that pet owners can use this automatic misting machine in bird cages, terrariums, indoor gardens, and aviaries.

Other than just increasing humidity, the pets will also get drinking water. Rainforest species pets will find the resulting atmosphere conducive for breeding.

With that understanding of misting machines, let’s explore whether they are safe.

1.  Misting Systems Protect Animals From Extreme Heat

As we stated above, animals do feel the effect of extreme heat. Now here is where it gets tricky for them. You see, unlike human beings, their bodies do not regulate temperature well. We are lucky because we can sweat. The action has a cooling action in the body.

But, animals with fur like dogs and cats will have a problem. That explains the panting and lolling tongues in dogs. Passing air over the tongue can help a little, but not much.

A misting machine will keep the animals comfortable during hot days. The system provides an effective way to avoid heatstroke, which could result in fatality.

Some signs of heatstroke include:-

  • Increase in body temperature exceeding 104°
  • Excessive panting
  • Abnormally red gums
  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Extreme lethargy or inability to get up
  • The animals may lose consciousness or collapse
  • Disorientation or dizziness

Do note, even if the pet survives, there could be long-term implications. These include damage to the kidneys, vascular system, liver, and central nervous system. To avoid this, you must identify the heatstroke very early.

Only then can you take the appropriate steps to prevent further damage. These include:-

  • Provide a cool environment for the pet, immediately you suspect heatstroke.
  • Give enough water for proper hydration.
  • Cool down the head and foot pads with a wet washcloth. Under no condition should you force an immediate lowering of temperature by dipping the dog in very cold or icy water. The immediate drop in temperature could be dangerous. Let the pet naturally cool down on its own by providing the right environment
  • Seek immediate medical advice for the pet.

2.  Extreme Heat Stresses Animals

Let’s say you keep a large number of animals in an enclosure. Each one of them produces body heat. The combination will increase temperatures, making it worse during hot days.

An outdoor misting system will help the pets cool themselves. If not, the animals will start experiencing high levels of stress. It could impact breeding patterns or even production.

Chicken, for example, will not be able to lay good quality eggs. The pets will also have a problem with food intake. It will impact growth and reproduction, resulting in fatalities.

A misting system in a terrarium has multiple benefits for amphibians and reptiles. They need proper hydration for egg incubation and shedding of the skin.

Indeed, water is a critical component of their daily lives. This is especially true for amphibians, whose skin does not have the capacity to hold water very well.

Please, do not remove such animals from their natural environment if you cannot provide optimal conditions for their survival in artificial ones.

As the pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure their comfort. And the best way to do this is with a mist cooling system.

3.  Other Benefits of Misting Systems

Animals can suffer from allergies. It can get worse during hot weather. Your pet could suffer from scabs or sores within the nose. It will make it difficult for the animal to relax or breathe comfortably.

You may also notice that the animals start to snore very loudly. A misting system within the living environment increases moisture levels. The result is an opening up of the nasal passages, thus more comfort when breathing.

The same applies to the skin. When the moisture evaporates, it leaves the skin itchy and dry. Your pet will try to find comfort through scratching.

The more vigorous the scratching action, the more damage your pet could be causing to its skin. A misting system keeps the moisture levels ideal, thus soothing the skin.

Do take care with the positioning of the misting system. Take the example of those that use hot water to produce the mist.

Putting it in a place where the pet can knock it over could cause burns. Ensure proper placement, so that it is out of the way at all times.

Also, avoid placing it near electric outlets in case of water spillage.

Final Thoughts

Are misting systems safe for animals? From our discussion above, we can answer with a resounding yes.

The misting system has so many benefits to pets. The most significant is keeping them cool during high temperatures. The result is less stress, better food intake, and higher productivity.

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