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Are TempurPedic Mattresses Worth it? These Are the Pros and Cons

Recently, the CDC declared sleep deprivation as a public health epidemic.

You may know that long-term sleep deprivation leads to all kinds of serious health issues. Lack of good sleep contributes to hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. It also affects mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Maybe you are one of the millions of Americans who don’t get enough good sleep, so you’re considering a TempurPedic Mattress.

Is the price-tag worth it? If you’re thinking of an investment in TempurPedic Mattresses, read on to discover the pros and cons.

What are TempurPedic Mattresses

Pioneers of memory foam technology, TempurPedic Mattresses hit the U.S. market in 1992.

These mattresses crafted from viscoelastic polyurethane foam claim to be the first and only true memory foam on the market. This viscoelastic foam conforms to the weight and shape of your body and returns to form.

The layered construction of these mattresses allows for varying levels of firmness and airflow to keep the foam cool. The TempurPedic Mattress foam is high density and high quality.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses, TempurPedic advertises itself as a top of the line, scientifically tested product.


Now that you know what TempurPedic Mattresses are, let’s discuss their benefits.


According to most TempurPedic Mattress reviews, these mattresses last about ten years. With proper care and maintenance, they can last much longer.

Traditional mattresses usually last around seven to ten, and other memory foam, bed-in-a-box mattresses can last anywhere from a year to over a decade depending on quality.

No Sag

Some memory foam mattresses lose their ability to conform to your body. The high-quality TempurPedic foam maintains its supple but firm characteristics through its lifespan.

No Hole

Traditional spring coil mattresses form a dent in the places where you sleep. The springs lose their give after years of sleeping.

This results in an uncomfortable, lumpy sleeping surface that puts pressure on your joints and bones.

Other, less well-crafted memory foam mattresses form the same kind of hole. While not always manufactured with metal springs, the foam loses its firmness in the spots where you sleep.

Increased Support

This may seem counterintuitive. People generally think that a firmer mattress is best for an aching back and joints. That’s not the case.

Your body heat softens the foam at the right spots, and forms around your body to relieve pressure.

Traditional mattresses don’t provide this kind of give. With a firm innerspring mattress, your body flattens on the surface. This increases the pressure on sore spots like your joints and back.

Decreased Movement

One of the major drawbacks of a traditional spring mattress is the movement of your partner interrupting sleep.

Thanks to the foam contouring to your body, you and your partner will move less during the night.

Due to the construction, you won’t be interrupted by your partner should they get in and out of bed through the night.


TempurPedic Mattress design allows for the purchase of an additional adjustable frame.

These adjustable frames allow for you and your partner to adjust your own sides of the bed. This guarantees a better night’s sleep for both.

How does this work? A TempurPedic Mattress is two smaller mattresses pushed together. This split construction promotes the intimacy of a shared bed while meeting the needs of the individual sleeper.

You can see illustrations of this by searching for the best online mattress.


Do you or your partner sleep hot? It is a common phenomenon. You or your partner might burn like a factory throughout the night. This increase in body heat can turn a mattress uncomfortable and ruin a night’s sleep.

The TempurPedic Mattress company offers a few options to mitigate this. The TempurPedic cooling mattress known as the LUXE-Breeze is a great option for hot sleepers.

For a bit less money, you can also purchase a cooling TempurPedic mattress pad.


While the pros of a TempurPedic Mattress are many, there are a few cons worth noting. These drawbacks will help you decide whether a TempurPedic is the right mattress for you.

The Smell

TempurPedic certification shows their mattresses are harmful chemical-free. Though, with all foam mattresses, there may be a period of a strong odor.

Known as “off-gassing,” this chemical odor can last for a few months or up to a few years.


The denseness of memory foam could be a drawback. These mattresses weigh more than their traditional spring counterparts and could cause issues during routine maintenance.

Not Frame Compatible

TempurPedic Mattresses will not fit your existing box spring or slatted frame.

These mattresses require an additional investment in a compatible foundation to receive full benefits.

Not only that but use with a traditional box spring risks voiding the warranty.

Sleeps Hot

Though TempurPedic offers many cooling options, the foam retains more body heat than a traditional spring mattress.

If you are a notoriously hot sleeper, make sure to research TempurPedic mattresses with increased airflow.


TempurPedic is expensive. Though the company is renowned for its high-quality foam mattresses, they may be out of your price range.

Recent advancements in foam technology produce cheaper alternatives. The memory foam bed-in-a-box companies may make what you need at a lower price.

The Importance of Good Sleep

You risk many perilous health conditions if you don’t get enough sleep. That is why you need to buy a comfortable mattress.

TempurPedic Mattresses offer superior sleep technology designed to provide you with the best sleep possible.

They do have their drawbacks. TempurPedic is a pricey brand. Whether you invest in these mattresses or decide on another, you shouldn’t skimp on your sleep. Your life depends on it.

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